Pink Floral

Topshop Floral Top | DL 1961 Jeans | Madewell Heels | Bag (similar)

I’m clearly on a major floral kick lately. From this pretty floral top with bell sleeves, to these floral joggers I’ve been wearing a lot more than I ever expected. I wasn’t ever really a big floral person, but it’s obviously the print of the season for me. Luckily this print also goes great with my other favorite print, stripes! One print that will just never be a favorite, polka dots. I never really understood that one. I think I’ve owned one thing in polka dots ever and it’s not even in my closet anymore.

Actually…I did a little digging and this was pretty much my one and only polka dot piece I’ve ever worn. Little Flashback Friday for ya!

Also, this weekend I’m excited to puppy sit a little boy named Bowie! Cathy and her fiancĂ© are heading out of town for a wedding and Pork and I have volunteered as tribute. I’m excited for all the puppy cuddles and kisses. Not sure if Pork is as thrilled, but they basically have to become friends or else. I will be totally honest, I NEVER wanted a puppy ever again after Pork. It’s a ton of work, exhausting and they destroy everything. So we’ll see how these middle of the night potty breaks go….at least it’s not my house it’s destroying! Have a great weekend!


Photos by JNelly

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