7 New Places To Shop For Swimsuits

Was anyone else absolutely devastated last year when you found out that Victoria’s Secret was discontinuing swim? A good portion of my swim suits all came from there, easily 75% of them. I remember buying my first underwire, push up one that made my girls look great back when I graduated college. And ever since, I’ve been investing in new suits from them year after year. They were affordable, fit well and came in great styles. Now that this will be the first summer we can’t shop the beloved selections, I thought I’d share some new brands and places I’ve discovered for great suits.

While in Thailand back in January, I brought my lamest of swimsuits. The boring black triangle top we all have and a few neon colored bottoms. The combination was boring and so un-fashionable in my opinion. I was so disappointed in my choices that I didn’t Instagram anything while at the gorgeous Phi Phi Islands or in Phuket. Pathetic. What kind of fashion blogger am I? So after that trip I set out to find new suits that are fashionable yet still affordable.  So click through today’s slideshow to see my favorite brands and stores to shop for new suits this season.


Featured image via Barefoot Blonde 

5 Comments | March 21, 2017

5 thoughts on “7 New Places To Shop For Swimsuits

  1. Britney Crawley

    Okay, we’ve already established that I’ve been living under some sort of rock for the past year and I didn’t realize VS discontinued swimwear. I have two bikinis which I love from VS with perfect fitting tops in cup sizing, which works way better for me than the ‘traditional’ S, M, L sizes with no support. I wasn’t planning on buying anything new for this summer, but I’ll definitely need some other options in the future. Thanks for sharing these other retailers!


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