Express Long Sleeve Tee | Citizens Of Humanity Jeans | Schutz Heels | Topshop Duster (similar) | Vera Bradley Bag

Express Long Sleeve Tee | Citizens Of Humanity Jeans | Schutz Heels | Topshop Duster (similar) | Vera Bradley Bag 

I have been trying to force myself to get a little more dressed up on the day to day routine. Sure I do a good job of getting dressed for dinner with friends or a meeting, but to go from bed, to desk, not so much.  The thing I realized is that simple layers, like this vest, make that a lot easier. You see, these jeans are super comfy and this black long sleeve is a favorite. So that’s usually what I end up wearing at my desk anyway. Simple ways to style a duster can be as easy as adding it over an all black ensemble. So adding a vest, and some heels helps to make me feel a lot more put together when I don’t have to do much. It’s a cinch!

And no, I’m not wearing these heels at my desk. Slippers only, friends. I have a thing about wearing shoes in the house. I much prefer slippers over heels any day. But for heading out to grab lunch or run an errand, adding these heels was actually perfect. And yes, they’re actually SUPER comfy! Keeping it simple with just a few dressier additions and layers is all you need.



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