Favorite Mules

Finally on board the mule train and these are my 6 favorites

I have admired the mule trend from afar for a while now. They’re definitely everywhere it seems from flats to high heeled versions. I slowly got my butt to try them on, and hated them. Despised them actually. They’re 100% designed for tall, thin people and I am not one of those people. Then one day while at Nordstrom, I saw these slight heeled fringe ones, tried them on, and it was instant. They were the ones. Now I’m hooked and am on a mission to find even more fun ones to help transition into spring. I know for me, I most definitely need a bit of a heel. So today I’m rounding up a few of the best mules for spring that I’m loving. Which ones are your favorite?

Eyelet Leather Mules

A black version is always going to be a good idea. I love the metal eyelet detail on this for a more edgy look.

Shop the mules here >> 

ASOS Printed Mules

Prints are always a fun idea and these loafer style ones are super cute. Love them for spring. Plus who doesn’t love this big gold detail on it? 

Shop the mules here >> 

Classic Black

For the most classic look, these are the ones. Oh and they’re $28 so you can’t even argue with that.  If you’ve been on the fence about this trend, these are the ones to buy. It’s not a big investment, and they’ll go with everything from jeans, to dresses.

Shop the mules here >> 

Metallic Beauties

For the risk takers, try a metallic version. 

Shop the mules here >> 

Blush Bows

It’s no secret that blush has quickly become my favorite color. So these blush bow mules are kind of a must, right? They’re also on sale and under $50. 

Shop the mules here >> 

White Leather

These are the most expensive in the roundup, but if you ask me, totally worth it. A white shoe can be tough, but these sort of nail it with the detailing and the fact that it’s a little more off white. Plus, they’re actually a normal loafer, but the heel bends down to turn it into a mule. Pretty cool, right? It’s like two shoes in one!

Shop the mules here >> 


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7 Comments | February 7, 2017

7 thoughts on “Favorite Mules

  1. Sherri

    so, basically I think a “mule train” sounds amazing. I’m imagining people drinking moscow mules, and wearing fab shoes. I’m in! (Also, basically, if MyStyleVita says jump, then I say how high? Haha, LOVE the post!)

  2. Elli

    I just purchased the classic black mules. For that price I’m willing to jump on the mule trend wagon and see how I like them. Great round up!


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