Jessica’s Monthly Edit


  1. Cult Gaia Ark Bag – I know this is NOT a necessity, but I have to have this bag and it’s perfect for Thailand.
  2. Rebecca Minkoff Sandals – Updating my sandal game is essential. I’m loving the fun colors and textures of these.
  3. Surf Gypsy Cover Up – Would you believe me if I told you I don’t really own a real cover up? Time to change that. Grabbed this one from Everything But Water and can’t wait to wear it.
  4. Aerie Swimsuit – Aerie has some of the best suits around and this one piece crochet one is gorgeous and on sale!
  5. Topshop Sunglasses – Time for some fun sunglasses that are also inexpensive in case I lose them!
  6. J. Crew High Waisted Denim Shorts – It’s going to be HOT in Thailand so shorts are a must. Love the high waist on these.
  7. Voyage Beach Bag – I have a beach bag I love, but it doesn’t have a fun saying on it, so clearly I need this one!

This month’s edit is ALL about my upcoming trip to Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand. I haven’t talked too much about this trip or how it all came about. It’s all that’s been on my mind lately though between how the hell am I going to make it through a 27 hour travel day, to what in the world will I pack. So this month’s edit is helping me figure out what I’ll be packing in just a carry on. Yup, that’s right. JUST a carry on.

Back when my friend Kristin and I got home from our Europe trip, I began to think about what I wanted to do for my 30th birthday. Gasp, yes 30. You see, I hate my birthday. For a few reasons. It’s in 2 weeks and no one is in the mood to party, spend money, be outside, get out of the house, none of the above. This happens year after year. Disappointing birthday after disappointing birthday. I can go on about the ridiculous things that have occurred on my birthday like that time my friend passed out in my bed and peed in it. Or the 3 years in a row that I spent my birthday at my old job’s biggest tradeshow of the year, or on the red eye home from it with a 103 fever. Oh, or sick in bed AFTER the tradeshow. I knew if I woke up in Atlanta, on my 30th birthday, single (let me have my complex about that), it would be bad. So the hunt was on to figure out how I’d fix that.

Did you see our adventures in Greece and Paris?

Because my birthday falls in the coldest month of the year, I knew I wanted to wake up on a beach. I was so focused on the beach that I didn’t even care if anyone came with me. I’d fly to Mexico for 3 days and be by myself. That would make me  pretty happy actually. While browsing Mexico hotels, I got discouraged though. I had just gotten back from Greece, also known as paradise. So I was just sort of disappointed in all the very vanilla and kind of boring hotels. I was clearly being a spoiled brat, but it is my birthday after all!

Then my friend proposed Thailand to me. Originally in December. I said hell no. Fuck that. That meant for SURE I’d be doing NOTHING on my birthday after a trip like that. The opportunity came and went, and then she called to tell me she had to be BACK in China or somewhere over there, again in January. Sold. I’ll meet you there, girl. 

So here we are, packing for the biggest trip of my life to date. Most miles ever flown, hours on a plane and my first time to Asia. I’m a little terrified to be completely honest. Not so much about the flight, but about being in such a foreign country. At least while in Europe, I can get by on a little French and can sort of understand a menu in Italian. But this, this is a whole new ballgame.  One in which you can’t drink the water, the food can very well make you ill, and the language barrier may be much harder than expected. But I’m beyond excited. I feel so lucky to be able to travel and see the world. So if my tummy hurts, and I can’t understand a single soul, so be it. It’ll be memories I’ll never forget. And on that note, I’ll be sure to pack the Pepto too.

PS if you have any recommendations on either A) getting through a 27 hour flight and B) things to do and see in Bangkok and Phuket please let me know!



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    I love Phuket. Just a warning look out for all the Aussies. Make sure to hit up Aussie bar for some fun cocktails and hilarious conversations while the Aussies watch the cricket on the bar screens.


    I have travelled to Phuket a number of times as its a nice easy getaway from eastern Australia. Must sees for me are the beaches! A day trip at least to the amazing phi phi island (setting for that Leo movie The Beach) is a must do. We also enjoyed a kayak trip to the glow caves, you have to lie on your back in the kayak to get through them but the views are breathtaking. We also have done elephant rides and at adventure tours here through the jungle. My favourite memory though would be from a beach restaurant and bar in Patong (kata beach I think) where after an amazing seafood dinner (and cocktails!) we released a wish and bad luck and energy away into the sky with a lit lantern, this was our last night and a great end to our trip. There is some amazing waterfalls and hikes in Thailand and the vistas are stunning. Phuket is paradise in the beaches and the people are lovely. In the tourist areas they converse with us Aussies constantly so have had little difficulty in communicating. Especially in the bars where the universal signals for another drink are well understood.! Just be prepared for all of the Aussie accents as its one of our number one tourist destinations especially in January. But the Aussies will be more than willing to help you celebrate your birthday in paradise!

    Laura leigh

    Aw I am so glad you’re going to have a GREAT birthday this year and truly live it up! My husband’s sister lived in Thailand for a year so if you need any recommendations definitely shoot me an email {} and I’ll have her put some together for you.

    xo Laura Leigh

    Taylor - Lights Camera Catwalk

    I am so jealous that you are going to Thailand, that is INCREDIBLE! I hope you have the most amazing trip!

    Xx Taylor


    I feel you girl, I’m trying to plan a trip to Thailand & Vietnam for March/April and am FREAKING out. Not sure how I’m going to survive. One of my friends told me to pack charcoal pills, they’re supposed to really help the stomach issues.

    Kristina does the Internets


      Oh that’s good to know! May go pick up some of those. I hear Vietnam is gorgeous.

    Jessica Hart

    For the flight I made myself extremely tired the night before (by not sleeping) so I would pass out for the whole 16hr. journey. Also “dream water” works like a charm. Thailand is definitely up there with Morocco as one of the most amazing places I’ve traveled too. Enjoy! And happy birthday 🙂

    the way to my Hart


      Yeah I’m going to definitely try to wake up super early so I can sleep during the first part of the flight. I land at midnight in Thailand so I want to be tired again (Which I’m sure won’t be hard ha!) so that I can go straight to sleep.

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