Velvet Moss

Anthropologie Velvet Midi Slip Dress c/o | Paige Denim Jacket | Express Heels Welden Crossbody Bag c/o

Anthropologie Velvet Midi Slip Dress c/o | Paige Denim Jacket | Express Heels | Welden Crossbody Bag c/o

While perusing the internet for some great holiday dresses last month, I stumbled onto this moss velvet midi one. I never had a chance to wear it to any holiday parties (instead wore this number to one which is coming to the blog soon). So instead I’m dressing it down the only way I know how, with a jean jacket. It’s the easiest styling trick in the book. And it’s possible I overuse it, but it works. And it’s a good old faithful sort of trick. Do you have any other fun ways to dress down pieces? I think I need to start rethinking my strategy and expand my styling a bit. 

PS. You guys. Today I am heading to THAILAND! It’s the start of a very long 27 hour travel day. But I can’t wait to arrive in Bangkok tomorrow and meet up with my friend, Kristin and begin exploring.  Be sure to follow along on Instagram and Instastories for all the fun. It’s going to be one exciting week. I’m most definitely not wearing anything remotely close to this pretty look today. It’s all sweatpants and sports bras for the next day and a half!


Photos by JNelly

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