A Perfectly Straight Blowout

A couple of weeks ago I shared a new hair product I was trying to help achieve silky soft straight hair. I did a quick run through of how I dry my hair straight in addition to the products but wanted to go into a little more detail with pictures to show you how I dry my hair straight. It’s one thing I get asked the most about, my hair, so here goes! 

My hair is naturally wavy but a little curly, but then not all at the same time. It’s a bit of a hot mess when it’s air dried so I’m unfortunately a slave to my blowdryer and other hair tools. Over the years I’ve mastered blowing my hair straight and not needing to rely heavily on my straightener as much. This whole process only takes about 15 minutes I’d say. I have a ton of thick hair so I’d say that’s a pretty quick blowout and yours may be even less! Here’s how I do it.

First let’s start with the shampoo/conditioner.  I have a collection of hair products I shampoo and condition with. From Living Proof, to ORIBE, HUSK and Pantene. I have a huge range in my shower and I just sort of rotate through. Living Proof, I will say, is probably my number one favorite for not only shampoo and conditioner, but also hair products like their texture spray and anti-humidity spray. I don’t swear by one particular shampoo or conditioner though and love all of the above for different reasons. 

With wet hair, I then use a wide tooth comb to get the knots out. Always start at the bottom and work your way up to not pull your knots too tight from top to bottom. Wet hair is delicate, so a wide tooth comb is key. For products, I actually don’t use any. I used to use Morocconoil every single time. But after speaking to my beautician and asking how to achieve big messy hair (because that’s my favorite kind of hair) she said to stop using that because it’s weighing it down and doing the opposite I was trying to achieve. So sometimes, just sometimes, if I know I’m going for a sleek straight look, I may add a little bit of this to my ends. I also do like the Aveda Phomollient but not really sure if it really does anything. Nothing life changing so I won’t be re-upping when it runs out.

I then dry it with a blowdryer (I use this one and love it) and tousle it with my hands until it’s about 50-60% dry. Next, I use the Denman brush to dry it to about 90%. I try to break it into sections with my hands and pull the hair out and under to help it from flipping out.  Once it’s to about 90% dry, I then take out a square brush.  It’s like a round brush, but it has 4 sides, a square. Duh.  I like using a square brush because it helps to get my hair straight, without too much of a flip at the bottom. To me, this brush is key! With this step I’ll end up putting my hair into sections with a clip starting with the bottom and working my way to the top.

Once this is done, my hair is usually pretty straight and sleek. You can see that in the above photo. I then touch up a few pieces with my straightener (I use an FHI straightener). Always start with the bottom of your hair. Unlike curling, straightening your hair really starts with a good foundation of straight hair. So starting with the very very bottom layers and working your way up is the way to go to ensure it all falls perfectly. For me, doing the very bottom first, then just touching up from there, is enough for my hair. I rarely ever go piece by piece through my whole head of hair with a straightener. This is thanks to a great blowout.

To finish, I spray with hairspray, sometimes some anti-humidity spray depending on the weather, and then you’re good to go! 

PS you can see how to get my everyday waves here.


Photos by Sydney Bruton Photography

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    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

    So many steps but totally worth it, love the final look!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl


    OMG. The Denman brush has saved my hair life. It is my holy grail hair tool. Gorgeous blowout

    ♥ Camille

    Guilty of Glitz

    Laura Leigh

    Looks fabulous! Also your eyeliner is on point!

    xo Laura Leigh

    Jessica Sheppard

    This is a super helpful post. My hair texture is similar to yours. Sometimes to get it straight is so much work if it’s humid at all. Your tips are gonna come in handy. Excited to try them!


    Your lashes are so fab here! And I love the chi blowdryer, it’s the best.

    Greta | http://www.gretahollar.com


    So lovely! I need to bring out my straightener again – when I blow dry my hair I usually find it gets a bit puffy later in the day, but this post was a good reminder to put in the extra effort!

    Hope you had a great New Year, and cheers to 2017!
    Isn’t That Charming.

    Natasha Stoneking

    alright friend… can you come up to nashville and recreate this for me?!?!? i swear, no matter what i do my straight blowout just doesn’t happen!!! my hair is just too wavy mixed with humidity = no bueno! yours looks AMAZE

    Lauryn Hock

    Your hair looks amazing! Mine is curly and would get frizzy if I did this:(



    Gorgeous hair. I need new round brushes!



    You have such gorgeous hair! I have similar wave/curl issues. So I always have to blowdry as well!

    By Lauren M


    I couldn’t give myself a blow out if my life depended on it. I always try but it’s way too hard with long hair!!! Your hair is amazing. I love Oribe products but I definitely need to check out Living Proof too!

    Life of a Sister

    I need to be better at actually blowing my hair out!


    Your hair looks FLAWLESS!! And so healthy -great post!

    xo, Sara

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