COSTES Coat (similar) | DL 1961 Jeans | French Connection Booties c/o | Lou & Grey Top (similar) | BaubleBar Choker Necklace | Karen Walker Sunglasses | Welden Bag c/o

COSTES Coat (similar) | DL 1961 Jeans | French Connection Booties c/o | Lou & Grey Top (similar) | BaubleBar Choker Necklace | Karen Walker SunglassesWelden Bag c/o

You may remember a few months ago I visited Europe with one of my good friends. While shopping for flights, we decided to choose the flight schedule home that allowed us an 8 hour layover in Amsterdam so that we could knock off one more city on the bucket list.  While in Amsterdam for all of 8 hours, we managed to do just two things, eat everything and buy everything.

We literally ran off the train and headed straight for food, shops, then more food. I think we ate everything Amsterdam had to offer. Dutch pancakes, well they call them just pancakes, waffles covered in Nutella, fries with mayo, broodje kroket (one of the most insanely delicious yet kind of gross in a street food fast food kind of way sandwich) and anything else we could get our hands on. Then came the shopping.

When walking aimlessly through the cute little streets of Amsterdam, we stumbled onto this street full of shops. We had to pry ourselves off the Adidas window display because we were on a serious Adidas kick at the time. I ended up picking up pink velcro shoes in Paris just a few days before, remember these? So once we talked ourselves out of more Adidas, we stumbled onto this store called COSTES. It kind of reminded of a cross between Zara and COS. I ended up getting this hunter green and black plaid coat and also a cute little tee with a feather print on it that I love. It’s the only two things I brought back from Amsterdam besides a mini jar of Nutella that was quickly devoured upon my USA arrival.

While I definitely didn’t spend enough time in Amsterdam, I instantly loved it. It was barely 8 hours between going back and forth to the airport and waiting on the train. The city was insanely charming and I think my sister said it best; it’s so cute you can just pinch it. One of this years goals is to travel abroad again. I’m already knocking off Thailand this week (AH!) but Europe is still on the list. I’d love to head back to Amsterdam and spend a few days to really explore and experience the culture. Where do you plan to visit this year?


Photos by JNelly

22 Comments | January 9, 2017

22 thoughts on “Souvenirs

  1. Camille

    OMG so I have been sitting at my desk searching for a pair of black booties I can wear in the office that are still super stylish. Thank you soooooo much. *fingers crossed they still have my size*

    ♥ Camille
    Guilty of Glitz

    1. Jessica Post author

      I was just telling my friend last night who I’m traveling with that I wanted to do Tokyo next. We’re laying over there on our way back so maybe I’ll get a little peek of it!

  2. Hillary

    I don’t know which one I like best, that coat or your booties! Jealous of all of your traveling – I love to travel! So far this year I only have St. Petes planned, but I’m excited because I love it there! Have a great time in Thailand. Can’t wait to see what you get to do!


  3. Neisha

    you can definitely pull this outfit off. I’ve never wore the booties that you wore on those pictures but i will challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone ☺️


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