Burgundy, Blush And A Bow

Nordstrom Sweater | Madewell Boyfriend Jeans | Steve Madden Carrson Sandals | Vera Bradley Clutch | SCÜNCI Bow Hair tie c/o

Nordstrom Sweater | Madewell Boyfriend Jeans | Steve Madden Carrson Sandals | Vera Bradley Clutch | SCÜNCI Bow Hair tie c/o

I’m guilty of wearing my hair one of two ways, straight or curly. I rarely venture into new territory. Even though I’ve done several hair tutorials on the blog, I’ve yet to really master them all on my own. I’ve been able to recreate a few here and there, but nothing I’m insanely proud of. Need to work on this especially now since my hair is getting longer again. I used to rock a half pony all the time though when I was younger and I’m bringing it back today and topping it all with this cute bow. Note to self, wear fun things in your hair more often! 

This bow matched perfectly to this new sweater I picked up over the holidays. the burgundy worked great with these blush velvet shoes that I’m so in love with. I wish I could wear them more but it’s hard to find reasons to throw on a pink and gold velvet shoe. Any ideas on how to wear them next?



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