A Pain In The Neck

strivectin-review-best-anti-aging-neck-cream-my-style-vita-mystylevita-3-of-27strivectin-2 strivectin-3I feel like as I am quickly approaching 30 in January, that I’ve begun to really take an interest in skin care. You’ve heard me chat about my which is a big step in anti-aging. But one thing I haven’t really thought about until recently is my neck area. As a fashion blogger who works on a computer all day, checks Instagram and is constantly on my phone (bad habit I know!) there’s a new concern out there, tech neck! Yes it’s a thing and it’s real, y’all. 

I wish someone would count how many times I look down at my phone to check a text, Instagram or email. Throughout the day it has to be hundreds and hundreds of times. So just like the crows feet around your eyes from constantly squinting or smiling throughout the day, your neck is moving hundreds of times to look down. See where I’m going here? With all this technology, your neck is going to look OLD fast friends. All we do these days is look down at our phones! It’s sad really, so besides trying to improve my posture and place my phone higher, I have started treating the skin on my neck to help fight tech neck.

Insert StriVectin. This NEW TL Advanced™ Light Tightening Neck Cream that’s lightweight and helps to firm and smooth the skin on your neck. Makes sense right? I’ve been sitting here piling on retinols and anti-aging under eye cream to my face, but haven’t touched my neck! Crazy not to pay attention to this area because if you ask me, your neck shows your true age. 

I’m excited to give this cream a go as I’ve been using it for awhile now and am already seeing a difference in the fine lines in my neck. As soon as I put it on, I felt a slight tingly and saw an instant tightening. It’s lightweight and smells really good.  They also have a roller option as well called StriVectin’s Tightening Neck Serum Rolle.  There’s several different product options based on your preference of application and thickness of a cream. You can learn more about Tech Neck here and find the right serum that works for you! Plus, all three of their tightening neck creams are under $100!

A collaboration written in partnership with SriVectin. All opinions and views are my own. 

Photos by JNelly

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    I remember reading somewhere when I was in high school that your neck is what shows your age the most, so I’ve been freaked out about it ever since. Whatever products I put on my face I always carry down to my neck and decolletage – fingers crossed I have the neck of a baby when I get older hahaha 😉

    Kristina does the Internets


      Ha yes it’s totally true! However, the skin on your neck is totally different than on your face. I would definitely recommend using a different cream for that area, just like you would use a different one for under eye.

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