Weekend Mornings

Last week you may have seen that I attended Create + Cultivate thanks to Dove. It was fun to get to see how other conferences work and meet some new brands and bloggers as well. Hearing from some of my favorite bloggers was also super exciting. It’s a great way to get inspired and come home with new ideas.  My weekend morning was definitely a lot busier than usual last weekend but it was totally worth it!

I was lucky to be able to partner with Dove, my usual morning anti-perspirant go-to because seriously, are there any others that you would ever want to use? I had tried their Dry Spray anti-perspirant before and loved it as it provides 48 hours of odor and wetness protection and it’s an easy product to just shake, spray and go out the doorAnd let me tell you, it is needed on these hot fall days here in Atlanta. I swear we can’t get our weather straight down here. 

Dove has asked me to share what my weekend mornings look like and it of course starts with a good cup of coffee, my Dove anti-perspirant and a few favorite rituals. Click through today’s slideshow to see what my mornings look like on the weekends.

A collaboration written in partnership with Dove. All opinions and views are my own.
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