How To Take Care Of Your Skin When You Travel

CosMedix, how to take care of your skin while traveling - My Style Vita @mystylevita

It’s no secret I’m COSMEDIX obsessed, so when we were chatting all things fashion week it made perfect sense to share how I’m protecting my skin during this grueling NYFW of travel, sweat, grime and, well, poor eating and drinking choices. All things that make my skin instantly break out and become super dry. I’ve also got a ton of travel still to come (check back tomorrow for all the details) so it was time to get my travel bag well stocked and ready to go. 

Right before I left for NYFW I headed into WIFH to visit my girl Miranda for a COSMEDIX facial. It was a great way to start the month off with a fresh face. My skin was shiny, clean and felt so smooth. Since I’ll be gone for almost a month, I want to make sure I’m sticking to my skin care routine that I’ve been working hard to maintain. This facial was giving me a good reason to keep up with that routine now that I’ve got a clean slate! Now let’s get into the products I always pack with me to maintain my skincare regimen and a few skincare travel tips that I swear by!

CosMedix, how to take care of your skin while traveling - My Style Vita @mystylevitaCosMedix, how to take care of your skin while traveling - My Style Vita @mystylevitaFirst things first, I always keep my toiletry bag packed and ready to go. This way I’m just replenishing the products after every few trips. Packing goes so much more smoothly and quickly when you don’t have to create your toiletry bag and then also break it down when you get home. This also means you rarely, if ever, forget something which is a plus. Also, all of these products in today’s post are under 3.5oz so they’re TSA friendly! Whether you refuse to check a bag or not, you’ll be able to get through security with ease.

Next, I always pack the MUST HAVES. The, I can not live without, items. I never travel without my COSMEDIX peptide rich moisturizer. It’s super hydrating and has SPF 50 so I don’t have to worry at all about burning. I used to try bringing smaller travel sized items to substitute my usual routine instead of grabbing my full sized items. Bad idea. I’ll never forget using some drug store brand moisturizer the week of #TBScon last year and my entire face turned beet red. Now I never mess around and pack most of my skin care routine with me no matter what.  Same goes for my face wash, I usually pack my Purity Solution since it’s a good all around cleanser as it’s a really gentle and also takes off your makeup very well. 

CosMedix, how to take care of your skin while traveling - My Style Vita @mystylevitaAnd with travel, comes lack of sleep always for me. My Eye Doctor is a must to make sure the skin under my eyes is constantly replenishing moisture back into this very sensitive area on my face.  I throw this on right before bed to wake up looking refreshed. It’s also full of free radical fighting antioxidants which is exactly what you want to help fight off environmental stressors. And let’s be honest, NYC is DIRTY and STRESSFUL. Period.  Their Eye Doctor is not available online since it’s a part of their Elite Collection which is available through aestheticians since they have a more potent formula.  If you want to buy something very similar, their Opti-Crystal eye serum is the same formula but just doesn’t contain retinol. I also bring along my Eye Genius for day time since it absorbs just like a moisturizer for easy application. 

CosMedix, how to take care of your skin while traveling - My Style Vita @mystylevitaLastly, HYDRATE! Keep the super exfoliating and strong retinols at home because travel can be very dehydrating for your skin. Instead, focus more on quality products that hydrate like great serums (I’ve been using the Affirm one the last few weeks), moisturizers and always ones with SPF. In addition to my usual serum and moisturizer routine, this month I’m adding in their Emulsion Intense Hydrator to use in-between those two steps. It feels almost like water in a thick moisturizer form. It’s sort of crazy and you can instantly feel the moisture when you apply it to your skin. I know this will be a life saver come winter when my skin gets super dry.  Once you get home and your skin has had some time to adjust, go ahead and do a good mask to get rid of all the grime and kick start your skincare routine again. I highly recommend this Pure Enzymes one which I use about once a month. Try to keep it on for the whole 10 minutes, I promise it’s worth the tingling!

So there’s a look into how I travel with my COSMEDIX favorites. I don’t believe in sacrificing your skincare or beauty routine while on the road. In fact, you should be taking better care of your skin during that stressful time as your skin will likely be dehydrated and will thank you later!

PS my tried and true travel tips and my daily skincare routine.

Photos by JNelly.

Thanks to COSMEDIX for sponsoring this post.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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    Laura leigh

    I LOVE this post! My skincare always seems to be the last thing I think about on vacation and I definitely need to make that stop. Thanks for the inspiration and tips!!

    xo Laura Leigh


      I was the same way too. But now that I realize all my daily favorites are TSA friendly, I never skimp on it!


    I have such trouble sticking with my skincare routine while on vacation! I always end up with not enough of something or I’m too lazy to use what I do have. I definitely need to get better at it!

    xx Victoria

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