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My 5 Favorite Atlanta Brunch Spots From Sweet To Savory
The General Muir Restaurant at emory point shopping atlanta via @mystylevita

The one meal I always look forward to is breakfast. Whether I make myself breakfast at home which can be as simple as an egg and slice of toast, or go all out and do my recent addiction, spinach scramble on top of sourdough, I always make myself breakfast every single morning. Or if you’re lucky enough to have been invited to my house for brunch, challah french toast that’s to die for is one of my specialities (thanks Mom!). I’m that person who has breakfast for dinner, breakfast for lunch, and sometimes has two breakfasts on the weekend, one at home, one with friends.

So this post is near and dear to me because these are places I frequent often. I’d much rather get brunch with friends, than get cocktails on the weekend. It’s just my thing and I’m totally okay with it. Trust me, there’s a LOT more great brunch spots in Atlanta that are not on this list like Murphy’s and South City Kitchen to name a few. But these are my favorites that I could live at if I had to. And to be honest, when can I move in? I’d also love to know what yours are so I can check them out so be sure to let me know in the comments! PS if you didn’t see my first edition of this series, check out the Best Of Donuts here.

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    1. Jessica Post author

      Oh definitely try one of them! Email me, happy to send you some more recommendations too depending on which neighborhood you’re in!


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