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small space office solutions for the home @mystylevita

I’ve now been working from home full time for 16 months. I was already working from home here and there at my day job for about the last year or so, but full blown 24/7 working from home is REAL y’all. My space is fortunately decent sized but I’ve always admired homes that make their small and unique space super functional. Whether it’s swapping out a full desk for a slimmer console table as seen above, which can really go just about anywhere in the home, to utilizing bookshelves to create a creative office space. There are lots of new ideas for adding a home office to your space regardless of how many square feet you have. Here’s some of my favorite inspiration spaces that you can easily recreate yourself.
small space office solutions for the home @mystylevita

Make your bedside table work double duty but working in a slightly larger end table that can work also as a desk. Keep minimal items on this desk so that you’re not feeling like you’re working in your office. Having a drawer to stash your laptop in, or at least being able to keep pens, paper and so on filed away. Alleviating clutter is key for any double duty piece of furniture.  Shop the mid-century desk here.

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Have a weird nook with bookshelves or a nook that could use some bookshelves? Adding floating shelves to an unusual wall will help make it a lot more functional. Add in some additional shelves above to create some interest so it looks like a wall of shelves and not just a desk in the middle of the house.small space office solutions for the home @mystylevita

Speaking of bookshelves, a simple ladder shelf with a built in desk (or just utilize one of the shelves to house your laptop and pull up a seat!) will transform a wall of tchotchkes into a fully functioning office. A few of my favorite tips for keeping a clean and streamlined office is to opt for a wireless printer and keep that ugly eye sore in a closet somewhere. This way your office just has the essentials, computer and a seat. Utilize pretty baskets, containers and such to store pens, note cards and any other little office necessities you may have lying around.


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