Nordstrom’s Kitchen Essentials

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Stemless Champagne Flutes | Decorative Tray | Marble & Wood Cutting Board | Copper Bar Tools | Le Creuset Cocotte | Ombre Latte Bowls

When I redid my kitchen I did such a big purge of my cabinets and realized I had so much crap from college that was just pathetic to still be using as an almost 30 year old adult. I ended up getting rid of lots of poor quality tools, destroyed pots and pans and mis-matched cutting boards. A few things I decided to grab for the new kitchen to have on display, were marble cutting boards and I so wish I saw these pretty ones from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I love the wood details and they come in several different shapes.

Plus, my bar cart is open to the house, so I’m always on the hunt for pretty bar tools to keep on there. These copper ones tie in with my copper cooking utensils that I keep in this marble utensil holder. And this cute little aztec tray adds a fun pop of color and is great for keeping your morning coffee favorites on it!

PS just a little friendly reminder that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale will be over on MONDAY. This means you just have this weekend to still get all these great items on sale and then it’s back to full price. You can check out my best buys and top 10 items I want.



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