My Daily & Nightly Skincare Routine

I’ve done my fair share of beauty posts over the last few years but what I’ve yet to share is what is EXACTLY in my shower and medicine cabinet that I use every single day. Sure I’ve shared a few insights on what my mornings look like or evenings, but those weren’t super descriptive of exactly what I do. So after speaking to an aesthetician a few weeks ago about my skin care routine, I realized, I actually have one! I was surprised to see that my habits have changed quite a bit over the years and it’s a good thing. I used to maybe wash my face in the shower and use a crappy moisturizer. But as I’ve grown older and have had the privilege to try lots of beauty products through the blog, I’ve truly developed a skincare regiment and found brands that I truly love. 

This post is not sponsored in ANY shape or form. I literally took the bottles out of my shower and medicine cabinet, set them up on my desk and wrote each and every one down for you. These are all the products I use on my skin and rebuy over and over again. A few things I’m still working on is a nightly routine. I’m pretty good at washing off my makeup when I put a fresh face on to go out at night, but it’s a little tough when I haven’t put on much makeup if any that day and just want to go pass out in my bed with Pork. I’m working on those habits, but the products I do use when I’m having the perfect skincare routine day are all listed here. Let’s get started with my morning routine that I do in fact do every single morning. This one I never ever skip.

skincare routine, best skincare products to use for normal to oily skin -- My Style Vita @mystylevita MORNING ROUTINE


Daily Cleanser – CosMedix Benefit Clean – A gentle daily cleanser that I use every single day in the shower

Clarisonic – Occasionally I may use my Clarisonic with my Benefit Clean. I try to not use this every single day as I’ve heard it can be a little abrasive. This is a new step in my routine and the verdict is still out on it. I haven’t seen any sort of dramatic changes in my skin just yet but still trying to use it to see if I notice a change. 

Exfoliating – bliss Micro Magic – About once a week, or every other week, I’ll omit the Benefit Clean and move straight to this exfoliating microdermabrasion treatment while in the shower. Sometimes you just need a good scrub!

skincare routine, best skincare products to use for normal to oily skin -- My Style Vita @mystylevitaHYDRATE & PROTECT

Once I get out of the shower, these are the three products I smear on my face. I started using a serum prior to my other products as it’s supposed to be the vitamins to your “drink of water” aka your moisturizer. Who knows what it really does or if it works, but it’s been part of my routine for over a year now.

Serum – L’OCCITANE Divine Extract – I learned that this product was rated BETTER than La Mer. At around $100, it’s still a splurge, but it took me almost a whole year to go through one bottle.

Eye Cream – CosMedix Eye Genius – This eye cream is great for day time as it goes on like a moisturizer. Their other eye creams are more oily feeling and have a shine to them, so I use this one during the day.

Daily Moisturizer – CosMedix Peptide Rich Defense moisturizer with SPF 50. I can’t live without this product. I feel like once I changed to this moisturizer (which was truly my first big step in investing in my skincare routine) I saw a true change in my skin. With SPF 50 I feel super protected against the sun and have already turned a few friends onto this particular product.

skincare routine, best skincare products to use for normal to oily skin -- My Style Vita @mystylevitaNIGHTIME ROUTINE


Step 1 – CosMedix Purity Solution – When I first got this I was confused because it’s an oil. But the aesthetician told me, you can’t remove oil with water as they don’t mix, only oil with oil. Mind blown. This goes on a dry face then I rub it in, get my hands wet, and then create more of a lather then rinse.

Step 2 – CosMedix Purity Detox Scrub – An incredible scrub with salicylic acid. I pour about a tablespoon of this loose formula into my hand and then do about 1 pump of the above Purity Solution and rub it all together to create a paste. This scrub has chunks of poppy and date seeds and has an awesome smell to it.  I always feel insanely clean after I use this product.


Eye Cream – CosMedix Elite Eye Doctor – if you are unable to get this (as it’s a professional grade one you get through your aesthetician only) I also use the OptiCrystals. I have severe dark circles under my eyes and it’s just something I’m always going to have to deal with. I’ve been using this for over a month now and I don’t feel like I look at myself in the mirror without makeup anymore and think, god I look tired! I think I’m going to be a slave to this product the rest of my life, bit in a good way!

Retinol – CosMedix Define – This product doesn’t require you to moisturize in addition which is great as the formula also hydrates your skin so it’s not a straight retinol which tends to be super drying. I use it almost every night and have not experienced any redness. Definitely test this out though as everyone reacts differently to retinols. Everyone should be using a retinol by the way. It’s the answer to anti-aging and helps to encourage cell growth. 

Moisturizer – If my skin for whatever reason is feeling super dry I’ll moisture with my CosMedix moisturizer after the retinol before bed as well. 

skincare routine, best skincare products to use for normal to oily skin -- My Style Vita @mystylevitaFAVORITE MASKS

Depending on my mood I may use a mask here and there. It’s not a solid habit of mine but at least I have some great options to choose from when I get the urge to sit around for a few minutes with something on my face. Here are two that I always keep on hand.

CosMedix Pure Enzymes – This cranberry mask helps to clean out pores and is a stimulating exfoliation. As in, you’ll feel the burn! Your face will be red afterwards but it makes you feel like it’s for sure working. 

M-61 Fast Blast – A vitamin C facial mask that foams on your face and helps to rejuvenate and brighten the skin. This is one of those products that I see an instant result from. As soon as I take it off my skin looks shiny and bright and like it’s been plumped up a bit. I’ve heard from various aestheticians that Vitamin C is gold. There are tons of versions of this mask on the market, but this one is from Bluemercury and I love it.


 PS My everyday waves and favorite lipgloss.
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7 thoughts on “My Daily & Nightly Skincare Routine

  1. Tiffany

    Great information! In the past I didn’t pay much attention to my face since I don’t wear makeup. However makeup or not healthy skin is very important. I just mix some natural ingredients to exfoliate then a light moisturizer. . Oh and drink lots of water. When traveling I use purified water on my face bc I seem to experience breakouts when traveling:) I see some things on your post I would like to try so thanks for sharing. Well wishes!


    1. Jessica Post author

      Between sweat and pollution and touching your face it is definitely important to still wash and rejuvenate your skin. Never heard of using purified water on your face. Will have to check that out! I break out as well when I travel.

    1. Jessica Post author

      I’m still unsure about them as I have yet to see a drastic change in my skin. That may also be because I already take pretty good care of my skin but who knows!

  2. Victoria

    Love seeing beauty regimes on blogs! They definitely add a little complication to my life as I always want to try out everything and end up having tons of products! But I still love trying out new things that people suggest to try and find the best combination for me!

    xx Victoria


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