4 New Paint Colors To Try

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I’ve been pretty bold in my own home when it comes to wall paint. I used to have a bold coral wall which then got overhauled with a deep rich navy one. I once had turquoise living room accent wall which is now a blush pink (oddly still have not photographed my new living space!).  I’m definitely not afraid of color at all and I don’t think you should be either. It’s fun to play with bold color and it’s an easy change as long as you keep your main furniture pieces neutral. 

Since it can be overwhelming to think about the color wheel and exactly where you want to land, I thought I’d round up a few of my favorite bold wall colors for you to help narrow it down and create some great inspiration for your own home. dark grey wall color ideas

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Grey walls are becoming a popular new neutral and although many people opt for a lighter grey that’s closer to a white, the idea of a darker grey that creates a bit more of a moody feeling is perfect for the home. White furniture will pop right off the walls and you can then incorporate any color you want under the sun as accent pieces and furniture.

blush wall ideas, pink wall ideas for the home

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I’m clearly already sold on blush since it’s my new living room accent wall color and I love, love, love it. I wish I spent more time finding the perfect blush pink, but too bad, I am not repainting it and patience is not my strong suit. Blush may seem super girly and feminine, but the right shade can feel like a really soft neutral. Okay, it still is feminine, but not teenie bopper tween bedroom color. A real soft blush can act as a really great color for your living space as so many other hues go with it like navy’s, hunter greens, blacks and deep grey. It’s truly versatile, I promise!

soft blue bedroom ideas

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Last but not least, a soft blue is a great option for the home, especially the bedroom. It’s a very calming color and again, works with so many colors I know you may not have original thought to pair with it. Pinks, reds, browns and any other shade of blue. Just because you’re choosing a bold color, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add in more color to compliment it. 

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