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At the beginning of the year I unsubscribed from just about every single email. From stores, to newsletters, I wanted them gone from my life and I’m so glad I did. I only get a few now and my inbox feels less overwhelming every morning. The one store email that was hard to unsubscribe from was West Elm. It’s my all time favorite store and I just love everything that they do. But I found myself constantly feeling like I needed new furniture, a new rug and so on. It’s already bad enough feeling that way just in general because the blog I think forces me to always be evolving in terms of style and what’s new. So it’s been a while since I’ve visited their site and I recently headed over to check out any 4th of July sales and turns out, West Elm is still awesome. Oh and they are in fact having a solid 4th of July sale too. 

After perusing the site a bit, I found some new favorites that I just had to share with you. From great new end tables to beautiful rugs and art. Click through today’s slideshow to shop my favorite pieces. 

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4 Comments | July 1, 2016

4 thoughts on “West Elm Favorites

  1. Emelia

    I also unsubscribed from so many shops and places I love because I was always finding a reason to spend money I shouldn’t! Love that first white and gold table..so unique!


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