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It’s no secret that a donut is one of my all time favorite treats. I mean I even have a t-shirt that has donuts all over it and I also made mini versions of these not too long ago. Now that is dedication my friends. I would choose this sugary treat over a cupcake, a piece of cake, or really any other dessert if I had the choice. I’m also not picky, give me jelly filled, basic chocolate glazed with sprinkles, or something off the wall crazy like oh, I don’t know, balsamic glazed sea salt caramel? I’ll take any and all of them gladly and devour them. I even have some fond memories of specific donuts that I’ve enjoyed in my time. From the cronut you see above over at Revolution, to the toasted coconut one that I devoured in Chicago on a business trip once (yes I still think about that one, it was THAT good).

Today I’m rounding up my three go to best donut spots in Atlanta. Trust me when I tell you, I searched high and low for more spots in the city but came up short. I’d love to know where you like to go to get a great donut in Atlanta (or in your city, since that’s usually the first thing I look up when traveling somewhere!) in the comments below. We’re pretty lucky in Atlanta to have the three spots in today’s slideshow right within city limits. They’re all delicious and in their own right too.  So click through the slideshow to see my 3 favorite Atlanta donut spots that are a must visit. 

PS this is the start of a brand new Favorite Foodie Series of some of my favorite Atlanta eats. I of course had to kick things off with donuts (duh), but would love to know what you’d like to see next! I’m thinking margaritas, best BBQ and maybe even the best brunch spots since I’m a bacon and eggs connoisseur. 


You may remember my cronut experience a few years ago on the blog which was kind of life changing. Revolution is home to the only legit cronut in Atlanta if you ask me. Revolution has the most dough varieties than any other spot I’ve found. Yeast based, cake style and baked cake. Yes there’s that many donut dough options and it’s totally worth trying one of each. 

I vote for shredded coconut and if they have it, fruity pebbles, yes fruity freaking pebbles.

View the menu.

Photo via Dylan York

Best donut spots in Atlanta, best desserts in Atlanta - My Style Vita @mystylevita


You’ve seen this one on Food Network several times and for good reason. Located on the westside of town, this spot is home to the original cool donut shop of Atlanta. The A Town donut is their most popular and my personal favorite is the orange dream star. It’s a creamsicle donut you guys. It’s ridiculous. They’re also now open 24 hours which is pretty much the greatest news I’ve heard all year.

View the menu.

Best donut spots in Atlanta, best desserts in Atlanta - My Style Vita @mystylevita


Bon Glaze recently opened not too far from my house which is of course, dangerous. It’s the only true donut spot in Buckhead which we’ve desperately needed (#donutsforeveryone). Not only do they have incredible donuts, the meyer lemon is a personal favorite, but they also have candied bacon on the menu. Get the cayenne candied bacon for a little kick and be sure to order a mexican hot chocolate (it’s off the menu and totally worth the calories).

View the menu.

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    Omg your pictures make donuts look even better than they already are! Haha. Thanks for sharing! <3

    xo Raina


      Well thanks!

    Laura leigh

    Yum these all look and sound amazing! I’ll be in Atlanta next weekend and I’ll definitely be giving at least one of these a try

    xo Laura Leigh


      Oooh I’d say Revolution is the #1 to go to. But if you can hit all three, go for it!

    Shelby Skaggs

    Now I need to come back to ATL for some donuts 😉



      Yes you do!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

    I’ll take them all, please!!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl


    Yum those look delicious! I just posted about one of my favorite doughnut places in Vegas on my blog today! Now I’m craving some more!



      OMG just checked it out, looks so good!

    Lindsay @ Life, Love and Sugar

    I see I need to drive back into town for some donut tastings! 🙂 Looking forward to the rest of your foodie series. 🙂

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