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My top 3 favorite spots to grab a donut in Atlanta

It’s no secret that a donut is one of my all time favorite treats. I mean I even have a t-shirt that has donuts all over it and I also made mini versions of these not too long ago. Now that is dedication my friends. I would choose this sugary treat over a cupcake, a piece of cake, or really any other dessert if I had the choice. I’m also not picky, give me jelly filled, basic chocolate glazed with sprinkles, or something off the wall crazy like oh, I don’t know, balsamic glazed sea salt caramel? I’ll take any and all of them gladly and devour them. I even have some fond memories of specific donuts that I’ve enjoyed in my time. From the cronut you’ll see in this slideshow over at Revolution, to the toasted coconut one that I devoured in Chicago on a business trip once (yes I still think about that one, it was THAT good).

Today I’m rounding up my three go to donut spots in Atlanta. Trust me when I tell you, I searched high and low for more spots in the city but came up short. I’d love to know where you like to go to get a great donut in Atlanta (or in your city, since that’s usually the first thing I look up when traveling somewhere!) in the comments below. We’re pretty lucky in Atlanta to have the three spots in today’s slideshow right within city limits. They’re all delicious and in their own right too.  So click through the slideshow to see my 3 favorite Atlanta donut spots that are a must visit. 

PS this is the start of a brand new Favorite Foodie Series of some of my favorite Atlanta eats. I of course had to kick things off with donuts (duh), but would love to know what you’d like to see next! I’m thinking margaritas, best BBQ and maybe even the best brunch spots since I’m a bacon and eggs connoisseur. 

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