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I used to never be into candles at all until the last few years. I’ve collected several over time and definitely have a few that stick out as my all time favorites. Very rarely have I ever rebought a candle because I got to the end of it, but that’s sort of the reason behind today’s post. I’ve finally found a few that I swear by that I love to keep in my home and also gift to friends for easy birthday or house warming gifts.  Here’s my 5 favorite candles that I think you’ll all love.

  1. The first candle that kicked off my collection was one I picked up  from Alternative Apparel’s store in Venice on Abbot Kinney. I used to work at their corporate offices and while out at a tradeshow in LA, I visited our first brick and mortar. It’s beautiful and sits right on Abbot Kinney, a super cute and charming little street in Venice Beach full of great shops, restaurants and is only 2 blocks to the ocean. In between all the great apparel, are lots of unique third party items from jewelry to candles. This particular candle was on display and I was immediately drawn to the pretty copper exterior, but after opening it up and smelling the citrus and grapefruit, I was hooked. I’ve now bought this several times as I burn through it quickly. Shop the candle here (ps it’s on sale!)
  2. A few months ago I attended a friends house for a little Vera Bradley launch party of their new fragrance and candles. I smelled every single one of their new flavors and the one that caught my eye was the Appleberry Champagne. It’s not overpowering or super sweet as you may think apple may be. It definitely has a bit of a sweet touch to it, but it’s just enough that you won’t get sick of it. Plus, the faceted vase it comes in is absolutely stunning. I can’t wait for it to burn down so I can use it for fresh flowers. Shop the candle here.
  3. Anthropologie always smells AMAZING whenever you walk into their stores, so naturally, i always trust them to have the best scents when it comes to their candle section. I’ve owned this Capri Blue Mercury one for years and keep rebuying it. It comes in the prettiest mercury glass jar that looks great on my coffee table. It’s full of tropical fruits and citrus for a really clean smell. I find this to be one of my more potent candles but it’s not overwhelming one bit. Shop the candle here.
  4. We’re clearly on a trend here of citrus and grapefruit flavors, so this next one is all in on the grapefruit, Nest’s grapefruit candle is just that, grapefruit. It’s currently sitting on my desk and was a gift from a friend. She had no clue I loved this scent, but she nailed it. I absolutely love it. Shop the candle here.
  5. To feel a little more warm and cozy, Diptyque’s ‘Figuier’ candle is a great go to for cooler temperatures. It instantly warms your home up and infuses your home with the smell of fall. I also love their jars, so when they’re done, I pop them in the freezer to get the wax out, and use them for little vases and such around the home. Shop the candle here.

A few of my favorite candle tricks to keep your candles lasting longer and looking beautiful is to buy yourself a candle snuffer (I have this one). Just cover the flame with it for a few seconds and your candle will be out with no wax anywhere or a ton of smoke. It also looks pretty on a coffee table tray. Also, always trim your wicks down to 1/4 of an inch before burning them. This allows them to burn longer as it won’t get so insanely hot that it won’t melt your wax super fast.


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  1. Natalie Rose

    I am OBSESSED with candles. Your tips at the end were incredibly helpful! I love my wax burner because you get the scent of the candle without the hazard of an open flame.


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