Tips For A Tidy Home

The irony of this post is sort of incredible if you know me at all. In my family, I’m known as the messy one. My nickname was always messy Jessi in a family full of OCD, overly organized, human beings.  I’m definitely the free-spirited, creative, doesn’t care one in the family. My house always has a pile of “needs to be returned” or “needs to be donated” in my office which unfortunately is open to the rest of the home. However, in my old age I feel like I’ve become a lot better at keeping things tidy. I was also pretty much forced to keep a pristine kitchen once I renovated as a little drop of just about anything on my marble countertops could leave a permanent stain. So once my house was completely finished being renovated, I started to get serious about daily habits to keep my place feeling clean and tidy. Here are a few things I do daily to keep my house feeling in order from the kitchen to the bathroom. 

I think everyone has their own specific habits whether it’s tidying up as they go, which was never me, or spending ten to twenty minutes before heading to bed cleaning up. But for me, I have found a few specific tricks in each room that helps to keep it tidy. I’d love to know how you make sure your home stays neat and if there are any tips for a tidy home that you can suggest. I’m always down for adding more to my current rituals as it’s definitely an ongoing struggle for me.

And if you’re wondering, there’s still a huge pile in my office of things that need to be donated to charity, but that’s honestly it! click through the slideshow to see my current habits and tips for keeping your home nice and neat.

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15 Comments | June 10, 2016

15 thoughts on “Tips For A Tidy Home

    1. Jessica Post author

      I’m clean but messy. And its all an organized mess for sure. I’m still working on the mess!

  1. Jamie

    I try to put dirty dishes away as soon as we use them too, but my husband lets them “soak” in the sink forever (or until I get too annoyed and put them away). Sometimes living by yourself has its advantages because you can keep the house just the way you like it! Although I miss him when he’s gone for work, I don’t mind that the house stays much cleaner haha.


    1. Jessica Post author

      So much better having an empty sink throughout the day. It’s been a game changing habit for me.


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