The Best Tips For A Tidy Home

The irony of this post is sort of incredible if you know me at all. In my family, I’m known as the messy one. My nickname was always messy Jessi in a family full of OCD, overly organized, human beings.  I’m definitely the free-spirited, creative, doesn’t care one in the family. My house always has a pile of “needs to be returned” or “needs to be donated” in my office which unfortunately is open to the rest of the home. However, in my old age I feel like I’ve become a lot better at keeping things tidy. I was also pretty much forced to keep a pristine kitchen once I renovated as a little drop of just about anything on my marble countertops could leave a permanent stain. So once my house was completely finished being renovated, I started to get serious about daily habits to keep my place feeling clean and tidy. Here are a few things I do daily to keep my house feeling in order from the kitchen to the bathroom. 

I think everyone has their own specific habits whether it’s tidying up as they go, which was never me, or spending ten to twenty minutes before heading to bed cleaning up. But for me, I have found a few specific tricks in each room that helps to keep it tidy. I’d love to know how you make sure your home stays neat and if there are any tips for a tidy home that you can suggest. I’m always down for adding more to my current rituals as it’s definitely an ongoing struggle for me.

And if you’re wondering, there’s still a huge pile in my office of things that need to be donated to charity, but that’s honestly it! click through the slideshow to see my current habits and tips for keeping your home nice and neat.


In the kitchen I now have a few major rules I live by to make sure my space feels clean. First, I try to always unload my Samsung dishwasher in the morning. This way all items throughout the day don’t build up in the sink. Instead they go straight into the dishwasher. Since I live alone (single AF basically) I can usually go 2 days or so without having to run the dishwasher. Keeping an empty sink helps to make your kitchen instantly feel less messy.

Second, I always wipe down my countertops before bed. I’ve made the mistake of leaving something on the counter (literally a drop of sauce) and it has a permanent stain on it. To prevent things from sitting out all night long, I wipe down my countertops and put anything else away before bed. 

Photo via JNelly 


In the bedroom, I always make my bed the moment I wake up. I can’t say that it stays this way  all the time.  Pork likes to get under the covers during the day or perch herself up high on a pillow. By noon, my bed is usually a complete disaster again thanks to her. Yet, I always find myself throughout the day putting everything back together. 

A made up bed makes your life feel in order and I feel like a mess if I don’t do it immediately.  While at Coachella, my girlfriend Katy made our bed in the morning and I never realized that I don’t do this while on vacation. Our room felt instantly tidy and it’s a habit I started to use while traveling now. Even simply pulling back the covers can make a world of difference, but adding in all the throw pillows to me, is key. It takes all of 45 seconds to do this and it’ll be totally worth it.


My couch is full of pillows and blankets so before I head in for the night, I always fluff everything back up and fold up my blankets. Everything being in order helps to keep this space inviting and when I wake up in the morning, my house feels calm again.

For my coffee table, I have found that keeping a tray helps to contain any sort of potential mess. Even if it’s full of various items, it’s not spread out all over the place and it feels in order. I like to keep a trinket box in my tray to house hair ties, bobby pins, matches and so on. Little items that can easily make a mess and that seem to always be lying around. I keep my coasters, candle, snuffer and a few succulents in mine to make it also feel a little decorative.

Photo by JNelly 


My office space as I mentioned is open to my entire home. If there were doors on this little nook, I think my house would actually stay in tip top shape. It would make everything feel put together a lot more than it usually is. Since it doesn’t have doors, I try my best to keep my desk free of any clutter. Only the necessities are on it like my agenda, notebook, mouse pad and pens. I also keep white mesh file organizers next to my desk to catch any loose papers. This has helped to keep any paperwork, mail and little things off my desk and confined to one spot.  

Photo via Angie Webb


One of the things I looked for when renovating my bathroom was a vanity that was big enough to house all of my beauty and hair products. I still keep my makeup to a minimum, but a girl needs her curling iron options! I keep just about everything in my vanity and only have a few essentials on my countertop.  That usually includes my pretty brass glass box of q-tips, hair ties and such. And also a ring dish, hand soap and a hand towel. Keeping that last little item folded and in order makes all the difference in the look and feel of my bathroom. 

One of the things I tend to do when getting ready however, is leave out a few makeup brushes. Everything else always seems to get put away, but the brushes for some odd reason don’t. They just don’t always make it back into the medicine cabinet. My solution to this recurring problem was to get a pretty jar to hold them in. This way, if I do leave them out, it at least looked intentional. This little mercury glass is perfect for just that. 

Photo by JNelly


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    Laura Leigh

    Great tips Jess! Definitely convinced me that I need to make my bed more haha

    xo Laura Leigh


      It’s life changing!

    Saria Joseph Beainy

    Love these tips!
    I’m slightly OCD & get really frustrated when My places is even slightly messy. I especially like the trays on the coffee table tip!

    Loads of love, SJay!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

    You’re def not that tidy, but I love these tips!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl


      Couldn’t agree more but these tips help me feel more put together for sure?

    Maria Jose Abad

    Great tips. I have to admit, I’m the OCD in the family along with my dad but I;m so proud you’re getting better. My sisters were always messy, clean but messy and now that they moved out and have to keep their own apartments, the change is significant. Keep up the good work.
    MariaOnPoint | Find me on IG


      I’m clean but messy. And its all an organized mess for sure. I’m still working on the mess!


    I try to put dirty dishes away as soon as we use them too, but my husband lets them “soak” in the sink forever (or until I get too annoyed and put them away). Sometimes living by yourself has its advantages because you can keep the house just the way you like it! Although I miss him when he’s gone for work, I don’t mind that the house stays much cleaner haha.



      I could NEVER live with someone now unless they’re clean freaks and clean up after me. Ha!


    Great tips! xx, Erin –


      Glad you liked them!

    Deasy Noel

    Sigh, I’m definitely trying to be better with my kitchen. I feel like I spend so much time in the kitchen though XDDD I also need to start making the bed after waking up. It’s always a mess T_T


    These tips are GREAT, thank you for sharing.

    Blonde in Cashmere

    Allison / Joy and Ivy

    These are great tips! It makes me want to go home and make my bed right now!! Unloading the dishwasher in the morning is also a great idea as I tend to do it at night then have to rinse and load everything that’s been sitting in the sink all day.

    Allison / Joy and Ivy


      So much better having an empty sink throughout the day. It’s been a game changing habit for me.

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