Postcards From Washington DC

A trip to the capital with good friends

Washington DC has quickly become a favorite city of mine to visit these last few years. Thanks to my BFF and business partner, Poor Little It Girl, moving there a few years ago and my previous job at Alternative taking me there for work trips, it’s become a great spot to visit and explore. For this recent trip to the capital, I headed up with blogger pal Kristin of Living In Color Print. She’s never been and we were all heading to Duck, North Carolina for another round of #BloggersDoTravel and the only sensible way to get there was to fly to DC and drive the 5 hours down. We decided to make a weekend out of it and I’m so glad we did. 

A few fun things to did in Washington DC besides the monuments, are lots of great restaurants. Some spots that you’ll see below are visits to great restaurants like Founding Farmers and Fig & Olive.  This was by far my most food focused visit to the city and we also visited (not pictured) Oyamel which was one of the best Mexican restaurants I’ve ever been to.  Their table side guacamole was divine and their margaritas are topped with a salt foam (genius!). We hit up Ghibellina, Cork Wine Bar and also Cava Grill. Cava has been on my to eat list for forever. Cathy goes often and it’s basically a mediterranean Chipotle and is the best food ever. May have been my favorite meal of the whole trip it’s that good. We didn’t do a ton of sight seeing as the weather was gross most of the time, but we of course stopped by the White House and Lincoln Memorial.


On our last full day in DC, Christina of Oh So Glam headed into town before we drove down to North Carolina. For brunch, we ended up hanging out at Fig & Olive for 6 hours. Yes, 6! It’s amazing how much four bloggers and good friends can chat about. With us all living in different cities, it makes getting to connect in person so much fun and we often spend hours and hours gabbing away. It also helped that we had bottomless mimosas, great food and even better service. I seriously can’t wait to go back to eat here, the food was phenomenal. Highly recommend the shrimp crostini, octopus carpaccio and beef carpaccio. Be sure to not have anything important to go to after you eat here. The seats were big comfy chairs and we did not want to get up!


On my last two trips to DC, Founding Farmers has been on the to do list and for good reason. Their breakfast is hands down one of the best ever. I’m a big breakfast fanatic and have very high standards for my bacon and egg special. They never disappoint, their english muffins are killer, and the Bloody Maria’s are spicy and delicious! We also ordered their beignets which were to die for. They came with several dipping sauces, the berry compote was my favorite for sure.


My DC travel buddies, Cathy of Poor Little It Girl and Kristin of Living In Color Print. It’s always nice to hang with my blog friends and get to visit new places together. This great shot was taken right before a torrential down pour. The weather was not on our side on this trip but we definitely got a good morning in of sight seeing.

One stop we obviously had to hit? The White House. No trip to DC is complete without a stop by The White House. It’s quite impressive to see and honestly not as big as you assume it will be. It’s stunning though with all the white and well kept green lawns. I still am dying to see the inside of the White House but don’t think that’ll happen ever. Be sure to see the North and South lawn as they look very different! A few other places to visit are the Air & Space museum as well as The Holocaust museum. 


Whenever Cathy and I are in the same city, we always try to take cute photos together to have on hand for The Blog Societies. This past trip we decided to hang out at Dolcezza for a morning coffee and biscotti while Jen Eun snapped some photos. Cathy snapped this photo though and it’s about as darling as could be. Their lattes were delicious and the space was super charming.


The whole reason for going to DC in the first place was because this gal, Kristin, has never been. I decided to make the trip with her a few days before we headed to Duck, North Carolina (more on that this week!) to explore. It was fun to get to hang with her for a few days as we explored, ate and drank our way through the city. This is the Eisenhower Executive Offices where all the White House folks work. So cool to see where all the political business goes down!


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    1. Jessica Post author

      Thanks so much for the great feedback! I do plan on doing these for all travel posts, so I’m glad you’re liking it. Thanks for reading!

  1. Victoria

    Food focused trips are always so fun, especially when the food turns out as good as you’d hoped it would be!
    Thanks for sharing!

    xo Victoria

  2. AT

    Very cool post. Just an FYI…anyone can go into the White House. Reach out to your Representative or Senator 6 weeks before your next trip to DC to request a tour of the inside. In addition, you can also get a tour of the Capitol Building. Library of Congress, Washington Monument, and more! 🙂


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