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Sometimes I think I was truly meant to be a boho child. I think we can all firmly agree that I’m not preppy, I’m not super edgy, and I’m definitely not overly girly. The style that I would say fits me most at times is boho however, I think I teeter between modern and boho and my house has slowly morphed into this over time. I do look at photos like the ones here of bohemian bedrooms that just make me smile. Something about the elements you see in bohoh homes. From warm wood tones, lots of natural elements and beautiful textiles. They just make me want to crawl into those beds and take epic naps. 

All of these rooms have similar elements that make them truly boho which can help you recreate this look at home. When looking for bedding, I think it’s best to keep things simple and go for all white or grey and add in a beautiful throw and pillows that are full of color and patterns like this one or this throw. This adds the element of texture, color and allows you to really speak to the boho feel. Always have greenery. Whether it’s investing in a fiddle leaf tree (which I would for sure kill in a week), or just packing in a ton of succulents; green is always must. For storage, straw baskets are perfect as a great natural texture in the room. As for wall decor, I love the idea of hanging your favorite sun hats on the wall or a woven wall hanging like this one.  Combined, all of these elements will come together to create the perfect boho oasis for your bedroom. 


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