Easy Summer Beauty

How to survive warm summer days with minimal beauty products

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Capri Vince Camuto Fragrance c/o | Dolce & Gabbana Blush & Lipstick | Marysia Swim Scallop Bikini | Marble Box | Vase

 With summer in full swing here in Atlanta (hello 85 degrees this week!), I’m starting to minimize my beauty routine to just a few essentials so that I’m not sweating off tons of makeup throughout the day. To head to the pool, or even to lunch al fresco, I’ve been grabbing just a little Dolce & Gabbana blush, a light swipe of a nude lipstick and this new fresh fragrance, Capri Vince Camuto and my new favorite bikini from Marysia swim. I’ve always been a huge fan of their fragrances, and this new one takes me straight into summer. 

Vince Camuto fragrances have been one of my favorites over the years. I always trust them to come out with great scents and the Capri Vince Camuto is one I’ve actually been using for a little while now. I picked up a few of their scents last year in the roller ball to test out my favorites and they were all my faves. Go figure. This one has a nice musky base to it with hints of grapefruit and pear which makes for a great summer scent. I mean it is called Capri which makes me instantly think of the beaches in Italy. Always stunning and crystal blue water, this fragrance and the bottle embody that dreamy world perfectly. 

This post was written in collaboration with Vince Camuto. 


8 Comments | May 4, 2016

8 thoughts on “Easy Summer Beauty

    1. Jessica Post author

      So glad you like the photos! And yes, definitely recommend testing it out. I actually love their fragrances and own 4 of them!

  1. Jessica Hart

    First, I’m jealous of the 85 degree weather! But I totally agree, simple beauty routines are my go -to during the warmer months. I definitely need to check out this new scent. I’m actually really into the newest MAC fragrance as well 🙂

    the way to my Hart

    1. Jessica Post author

      Simple is great. And I haven’t checked out MAC’s fragrance yet, didn’t even know they had one!


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