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best plugins for bloggers, top 7 wordpress plugins for fashion bloggersI made the switch over to WordPress a couple of years ago now and it was the BEST decision ever. I feel like I have so much more control over my site, its features and the user experience on the backend is flawless. After two new site designs since the migration, I learned a few favorite plugins that not only make my site prettier, but also help me stay organized and on top of everything. Today I’m sharing 7 of my all time favorite plugins for WordPress. I think many of these are definitely specific to fashion bloggers, but some are great generic ones that will work for everyone.

WordPress Editorial Calendar – I downloaded this plugin about 2 months ago and can’t believe I waited this long to start using it. For me, I try to plan out my content as far out as possible. The goal, 1 month. This plugin allows you to see where your posts are scheduled for in a calendar view. You can also easily drag and drop them to move things around versus quick editing in your standard post list to new dates (and who all here is guilty of accidentally scheduling two posts for the same day, I am!). This plugin allows me to see the big picture, which is crucial. I can also see where I am missing a post for the week and can easily add in a post with title, schedule post time and any notes so that it shows up in my post list when I begin creating content.  It’s basically a game changer and I’m in love with it.

WP Open Comments In New Windows – There’s nothing that annoys me more than going to a blog and when I click on a commenters link and I’m no longer on the original blog anymore. Besides the annoyance, first and foremost, this reduces your average time on site, increases bounce rate, and also can decrease your pageviews. ALL bad things. By installing this plugin, any link someone leaves in your comments will open in a brand new window. This way your readers still have your site open when they close out of that commenters opened webpage and can return to visiting your site. It’s a win, win folks.

Public Preview – Many times when working with brands they’ll ask to see a preview of my posts. I tend to send Word documents with all the copy so edits may be made, and a separate file of photos, but sometimes a simple preview link will suffice. This allows you to generate a link to view a draft or scheduled post that you can share with brands/clients.

Secondary Title – I noticed my post titles getting longer and longer and felt the text was overwhelming to my blog. For example, my Friday Furnishings are already off to a character heavy title, and this feature lets me add additional smaller text below my main title. It makes the posts feel more like a magazine article where there’s a little teaser of what you’ll be getting into as you move down the page. The plugin is super easy to adjust to your liking as well to fit your blog.

Recipe Card – I’ve been using this plugin since day one of being on WordPress. If you do any recipe posts, this is your plugin! It’s super simple to customize to match your design and it’s a great way to showcase a recipe. I used to write my recipes out and it looked awful in posts. This makes a very clean, simple recipe card that pops into your post. Readers can easily print the recipes or save it for later. 

Yoast SEO – An absolute must for any one with a site. This plugin walks you through all the steps to make your post SEO friendly. It’s also a super plugin since it will be the source behind your Twitter cards, the preview that shows up when someone searches for your blog and more. It’s crucial your site has this installed and that you utilize it daily.

Scroll Triggered Box – This is one that White Oak Design added to my site for my newsletter popup. I personally did not set it up and don’t know if I’d be able to. However, once she created it, I’ve been able to edit, add new photos and change things easily on my own. I like that it isn’t super invasive and can set it so it doesn’t bother readers daily. And on that note, if you aren’t signed up you should do so! You can sign up for either daily posts sent straight to your inbox, and or newsletters only. I send newsletters out about once or twice a month with sneak peeks of what’s to come, updates from the My Style Vita desk and more. Sign up right here.

For more blog tips, be sure to check out all my Blogger Q&A posts! Have a blog question I haven’t covered yet? Leave me your ideas  below!

Featured photo by JNelly

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    Rosa Dian

    Awesome tips! Thanks for sharing.


      So glad you like it!


    These are all great plugins. Using the WP editorial calendar is definitely a game changer!


      It’s my FAVorite.


    I just started a blog, So this was EXTREMELY helpful! Thanks!


      So glad to hear this. If you have any other questions let me know!

    Gentry Adams

    I’m still on blogger, but am always thinking about making the “big move”! Saving these tips for the future 🙂 Thanks!

    Jaclynn K.

    These are so great! Thanks for the info! I do have one question: when you post a slideshow, is that part of your site design or is that also a plugin?


      It’s a combination of two plugins and code. I recommend reaching out to your developer to create this.

        Jaclynn K.

        Great! I’ll definitely check in with my developer. Thanks so much!


    Can’t wait to try the Recipe Card plugin!! Thanks for sharing these plugins xo


      It’s my favorite, super fun to tweak to match your site.

    Candice Nikeia

    Thank you for sharing this! I will be checking these out today!

    xoxo, Candice


      Hope you find them useful!


    I haven’t used the editorial calendar yet, but you’ve convinced me it’s time I do. Thanks for the tips 😊

    Maya |


      It’s the only way I can write and organize my posts now. It’s a game changer!


    Okay, I definitely need that secondary title plugin!

    Lauren Smith

    Hi there, great post!

    Quick question though regarding plugins! I am currently redesigning my site and transferring from to

    I am looking for a plugin that will show an icon and a post title on my category pages. Kind of like yours when I click on “Recipes”!




      Are you talking about my sidebar with the image that has text over it? If so, that was manually added. I created the image/graphic in photoshop then uploaded it and linked it to my category page.

    Michael Amaral

    Hay Jessica..
    Very useful plugin list thank you so much.
    I m glad to show it.
    But you can also try out Blog Designer plugin for create templates i recently used it for my client’s website and i think it make your website more beautiful.

    Michael Amaral

    if you want to look at demo check it out here:

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