Favorite Beauty Products To Pack

This post was sponsored by Crest 3D. All opinions and views are my own. crest white strip packing tips - best beauty products to pack - My Style Vita - @mystylevita crest white strip packing tips - best beauty products to pack - My Style Vita - @mystylevitacrest white strip packing tips - best beauty products to pack - My Style Vita - @mystylevita

It’s been a busy month of travel and this week I’ve got another great trip planned. I’m heading to North Carolina with some of my #BloggersDoTravel gals (you may remember our trip to Folly Beach, be sure to follow along on Snapchat for this one!). We’re heading to The Outer Banks which I hear is AMAZING. I’m always excited to head somewhere new and explore and it’s always nice to have a big group of girl friends to do it all with. 

Packing is something I feel like I’ve mastered over the last few years between my old day job and all the traveling, plus lots of blog trips. I’ve learned what makes sense, what doesn’t. What I need to have on hand no matter what, and what can be left at home. It’s also really easy to fall out of your usual daily habits while on the road so some of the below items help to keep me on track like my daily vitamins and Crest Whitestrips. Keeping my habits in order helps to ensure I don’t fall out of them when I get back. It’s bad enough that I’ll more than likely indulge in food, but skipping my essential beauty routine habits is always hard to get back on track with.

Here are some of my essentials that I always have in my toiletry bag. Besides your standard body wash, shampoo and conditioner, I always bring the below which may be a little less expected. I swear by these items in my bag and recommend you add them to yours!

  • Roller Fragrance – I love this one and this. Makes for easy application and doesn’t take up much room. Plus I’ve yet to have any of these leak in my toiletry bag.
  • Crest Whitestrips – These take up literally NO space, so I always bring these to make sure I’m keeping my smile nice and white. It’s easy to fall out of your habits and routine while traveling, so having these in my travel bag no matter what means I’ll be sure to use them while on the road.
  • Vitamins – I used to always get sick whenever I traveled due to all the germs and lack of sleep. I started bringing my big vitamin holder with me and haven’t been sick from a trip in over a year (and I just jinxed myself, thanks Coachella!). I have my Vitamin C, multi vitamin and B12
  • Travel size hairspray, dry shampoo and anti-humidity spray – essentials that are absolute life savers

Photos by JNelly


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    Laura Leigh

    I’m all about whitening my teeth! So love this and that little bag is adorable

    xo Laura Leigh


      I love this bag too. Thanks for stopping by!

    Lauren Price

    I just started using Crest’s white strips – fingers crossed they workkkk!



      I need to get more consistent. I see a difference when I use them but you have to be consistent for a lasting effect

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

    Love that shot with little Porky! Hope she’s excited to see me in a few weeks..I’ll bring the fruit chews!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl


      Fruit chews!!

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