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This sounds like a gimmick right? I promise you it isn’t. I’ve been on Pinterest for at least 5 years strong as it was one of my first social platforms as a blogger. I love that it’s a social platform where things just get better with age and you never have to really unfollow annoying people (unless you started a maternity/baby board then I usually unfollow, sorry but it throws off my feed!). On February 27th I was going through old pins and deleting ugly ones that weren’t being repinned (something you should be doing!). Somehow I managed to not pay much attention and I ended up deleting my entire My Style Vita board. This board had EVERY image from my blog on it in the last 5 years. I almost cried, I was so panicked. At first, I thought I’d lose HUNDREDS if not thousands of followers (tip, don’t EVER delete a board) but I thankfully only lost a handful. I went down from 6672 to 6622. I’ll never forget that number. Right then and there I decided to finally do some research and see what I can do to increase my followers and make Pinterest really work for me. After reading lots of articles and testing out some things, I’ve found 5 ways to boost your Pinterest followers and traffic. After one solid month of doing all of the below, I went from 6,622, to 7,698 followers and also grew my average daily impressions by 40%. Here’s how I did it.

  1. Update Your Profile

This may seem odd as you think your profile is good the way it is, right? You have your name, a little blurb, you’re good! Wrong. When people search for fashion blogs, outfits, DIY or whatever it is they are looking for, your profile plays a huge role in what shows up. If your profile doesn’t have the words associated with your content in it, you’re missing valuable exposure. For example, I’m a fashion and lifestyle blogger and I want people who search for those things to find me. So I changed my Profile Username from My Style Vita to My Style Vita / Fashion and Lifestyle Blog. This way when people search fashion, or fashion blog, they are more likely to find me.

Now what about your profile description? This should be 2-3 sentences that get to the point, that entice the Pinner to follow you. It should also include buzz words that are relevant to your content. I make sure the words, decor, recipe, fashion, outfits and style are all in my profile description. 

URL. Is your link on your profile? Make sure it is and make sure it’s correct and links through to your site.

Your profile photo should also be up to date, on brand and match the rest of your platforms. I have some information about updating your profile pages here.

2 . Update Your Board Descriptions

Just like your profile, boards are a great way that people may discover your content. If you have a recipe board, be sure to write in the description all relevant terms for that board. Below is an example of a few of my boards.

Get In My Belly – this is my main food/recipe board

Description: Recipes To Try / Recipes / Food / Things To Cook / Dessert Ideas / Dinner Ideas

Mane Attraction – all things hair related

Description: Hair Ideas / Hair Tutorials / Short Hair Ideas / Hairstyles / Braids / Fishtail / Updos  

My descriptions include lots of great search terms that people may be using to find ideas. Be sure to classify your board correctly as well. 

3 . Pin Constantly

There’s no secret to this one. Constantly pinning means you’re constantly creating content for followers and to be discovered. When you pin, be sure it’s still relevant to your brand and that they’re quality pins that people want to re-pin. You’ll be wasting your time if you’re spending all day pinning landscape style photos, images that aren’t quality, and images that aren’t relevant to the boards they’re going on.

Pinning constantly is also SUPER time consuming. I use two services to handle this so that I’m not a slave to my Pinterest boards and can get other things done throughout the day.

Board Booster – This has been LIFE CHANGING. I spend $20 a month to have BoardBooster loop pins on some of my best boards (think your blog board and any other boards that you tend to post your own content to) as well as helping to pin certain images to certain group boards. Their service is top notch and is one of the main reasons I’ve seen an increase in followers. Great pinning, constantly, is key. This service allows me to pin roughly 70 pins a day. To sign up with them (they offer a free trial, and if you like it they have a $10/month option if you want to go a less expensive route) click here!

Ahalogy – I use this service to schedule any new pins from my site. So if a post goes live today, I’ll schedule it to go live on Pinterest that day using this tool. It also has a code in it so that when someone clicks on my pin from Pinterest (that I used to pin with this platform), it’ll create a little pop up when they land on my site suggesting them to follow my Pinterest boards. Now a majority of my pins on Pinterest all have this on there since I use Ahalogy to pin them the day the posts go live and it helps to encourage follows all day everyday.

4. Join Group Boards

I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited to some big brand boards that have really helped increase my traffic and followers. It’s important to join ones that make sense for you and your content and ones that have a decent following so that it’s worth your time. You can also use BoardBooster to pin specific pins (you’ll create a secret board for this to pull from) to your designated group board. This is something I use specifically for one brand group board I’m on. They require me to pin 5 images from my site (or any really) and then 5 from their site as the tradeoff. I don’t have time to pin 5 images a day from my site and 5 images a day from their site every single day. By creating two secret boards (one with their images, and one with my own), BoardBooster then pulls those images to the right boards daily for me. It’s like having an assistant, it’s a huge time saver.

5 . Great Pin Descriptions

Your descriptions in your pins are crucial to growing your following and becoming discoverable. I have a few tips that I do every single time I pin my images that have helped to increase visibility. 

First and foremost, your description should be relative. It’s best to make sure your descriptions match your photos or else people won’t repin, and if they do, it won’t be as effective.

Second, include strong searchable terms. Are you pinning an outfit? Be sure to include the words, fashion, outfit ideas, fashion blog, etc. Just like you create descriptive permalink and alt text to your images in your blog posts, you should be adding these buzz words to your pins as well.

Third, always include your blog name and your handle. At the very least, all my pins include @mystylevita on them that way if someone pins, and repins and so on, my Pinterest handle is clickable and easily accessible to the original source.  Most people rarely change the description of the pin, so having your handle in there is super beneficial to increasing followers. If you can also add in your full blog name as well, that helps too. The more you can include in this section that relates back to the image is crucial. 

A few other things to consider. Make sure you’re a verified user if you’re a business. This helps to pull your logo from your site, your meta description and so on. I also recommend deleting old underperforming pins. Don’t panic, if no one has repinned that pin from 2 years ago, it won’t effect your traffic. What you should be doing is telling Pinterest that people love your content and all of it is always being repinned. It will only know this if you begin to delete pins that don’t perform. So make it a goal to have a majority of your pins should have repins on then.

Be sure to follow me on Pinterest! And if you’re on Pinterest, leave your handle in the comments below. I’d love to follow along!

30 Comments | April 19, 2016

30 thoughts on “How I Grew My Pinterest Following in One Month

    1. Jessica Post author

      Thanks so much! If you have any other questions you want to see answered, let me know! Always in need of more ideas!

  1. Erica

    I love Pinterest but find myself not spending as much time as I’d like when other areas get busy. I love these tips and was happy to see I’m already following you on Pinterest (I’m at ericakartak). I will be working to put them into place soon. A quick question – have you used Tailwind? Do you know how it differs from BoardBooster? Thanks again for the great tips!

    1. Jessica Post author

      I believe the two are very similar but have mostly only heard others using BoardBooster. Let me know how you like tailwind!

  2. Felicia

    These are amazing tips to help me grow my following on Pinterest and hopefully increase the traffic on my site! Great post! @thefeliciarenee

  3. Claira

    These steps are so straightforward and practical! I don’t think I ever would have thought to update my profile or board descriptions. Thanks so much for sharing!


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