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It’s no secret that laying in bed for an entire weekend with the curtains closed binging on Netflix is my favorite way to spend my free time. I know it’s PATHETIC, but listen, I love my alone time and I even more so love TV. You can tell when I’m in a binge-like trance when I don’t respond to calls or texts and also showering that day was questionable. 

I feel like Netflix is now a part of our culture though, and being this involved with a streaming app is sort of normal (I hope). I’m dedicated friends. I’m still convinced that I developed TMJ thanks to Christmas break last year all because of a Netflix binge of The Office that included a 2 pound bag of Swedish Fish my sister got me as a Christmas present. I utilized my down town well as it was the first time in years that I had NOTHING to do. I had PTO, the blog was scheduled, and I found myself falling in love with Jim and Pam. This is real life.

Here are some of the best shows to watch on Netflix. Plus a few documentaries too. What are you currently streaming? 

Favorite Shows

  1. House of Cards – Obviously this one is currently streaming right now for me now that season 4 is out. I still have no real idea what’s going on in the show because it requires your full undivided attention, but I love it.
  2. Entourage – I was never into this show when it was on, and finally caught it all on Netflix. The movie was good, not great, but I still want to be famous and have an entourage. Well done.
  3. Sons Of Anarchy – This show is just SO FREAKING GOOD. It’s one of those that’s insanely off the wall ridiculous, but Charlie Hunnam is one of the sexiest men alive and I discovered the other sexiest man alive, Theo Rossi. Someone find me my own Theo Rossi. Thanks
  4. The Office – A show I never understood when I saw it randomly on TV until I started from the beginning. This is one of the best love stories of all time. Ridiculous, probably, but it’s true. Can’t we all have our own Jim and Pam love story?
  5. Master of None – A Netflix original, this is one of the most relative series to 20-something people. Even 30-something. It’s funny, smart and sort of genius. It just recently renewed for season 2 for 2017. I’ll be waiting patiently…
  6. Making a Murderer – The hype is now over with this show, but I definitely recommend watching. Very interesting and mind blowing. Do you think he’s guilty? I think based on what they presented, he’s not guilty (not enough evidence to prove him guilty), but after reading article after article on evidence not shown, he did something for sure. 
  7. Orange Is The New Black – All around great show that requires a full on binge when it comes out. I didn’t love the last season, so I’m hoping season 4 is better and just as good as season 1 & 2 were. 
  8. Chelsea Does – A 4 episode mini series that is absolutely hilarious. It’s a huge departure from her usual work which is why I think I loved it so much. It also opened me up to Jenny Mollen (one of her close friends, and wife of Jason Biggs). She wrote this book that had me laughing out loud.
  9. Californication – The most sexual show I think I’ve ever seen. I had no idea going into it that it would be that way, but always remembered it being a super popular show back in the day (clearly that’s why). It’s actually quite good, witty and smart. I was a little sad it was over.
  10. Narcos – Warning! This entire series has sub-titles. So you can’t fall asleep to it or you’ll be rewatching the whole thing all the time. I’m always amazed at the drug cartel world and this is such an interesting and supposedly very accurate, depiction of the drug lord, Pablo Escobar. 

Favorite Documentaries

  1. Fed Up – A must see documentary about sugar and the food industry. The direct parallels between tobacco advertising in the 50s and 60s to the sugar industry today is horrifying. I’m seriously worried for the future of our country after seeing this film. 
  2. Food, Inc. – A disturbing look at the factory like system our meats are being produced in. Warning, this is not for those with a weak stomach. I think it’s important to know where your food comes from and this is a huge eye opener. Since seeing this, I have taken my food purchases much more seriously. I try to buy local meats as much as possible, or at least meats that have been raised as humanely as possible. You know, with sunshine, open fields and the ability to move. I think everyone needs to watch this whether you eat meat or not (it also goes into a ton of detail about the farming industry as whole like soy beans and Monsanto).
  3. The True Cost – If you buy clothing, you should be required to watch this. The effects of the fashion industry (the second most polluting industry on the planet) on the environment is mind blowing. It’s upsetting to know that I’m involved in such an industry, but again, it opened my eyes to do better and make smarter choices.
  4. Bill Cunningham New York – If I didn’t see this documentary, I wouldn’t have almost pooped myself when Bill himself snapped a pic of Cathy and I in NYC during Fashion Week. We’re pretty sure he was just checking lighting since I looked like this, but either way, knowing this icon is required for any fashion lover.
  5. Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorfs – I saw this in the theatre and loved it. I never knew the magnitude of Bergdorfs and after watching, I just want to marry rich and shop there. It’s a fun documentary that any fashion fanatic will enjoy.

I’d love to know what you’re watching on Netflix. Not like I need another excuse to start a new show, but I don’t mind adding it to my Watch List….

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19 thoughts on “My Favorite Binge Worthy Shows

    1. Jessica Post author

      It took me watching the first episode 3 times (it requires FULL attention) and once you watch the first season you’re hooked. It takes a while but it’s so good.

  1. Lesley

    Great round up! I watched making a murder! I still don’t know how I feel about about this doc., I still think about it and all of the inconsistencies. I couldn’t grasp why he Steven didn’t move out of that little town after the first incident. Any-Great post!


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