Winter Bag Essentials

From My Go To Water Bottle To My Must Have Beauty Products

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I’ve never really done a true “what’s in my bag” post and thought this would be perfect as I’ve recently partnered up with Vaseline and their new lip tins that are now available at Target. I’m a HUGE fan of Vaseline and have one of these little guys stashed just about everywhere in my house. There’s one at my desk, one in my nightstand, I always keep one in my travel bag and of course my everyday purse. It’s sort of my secret weapon when it comes to lip care. I gave up on chapsticks a long time ago and very much so prefer Vaseline and how hydrating it is. It also adds a nice gloss to your lips that easily makes fading lipstick look a hundred times better. I even keep a big Vaseline tub in my nightstand to put on my feet before I go to bed (it’s the best way to get super soft feet!).

This is my first time trying the Rosy Lips Vaseline Tin. It has a pretty pink hue to it and a not too strong rosy fragrance that’s light and pretty. It’s a nice little change from the regular version I use daily. They also have Aloe (great for the summer) and cocoa butter if you prefer something a little different. But I think I’m an original girl through and through. It’s my personal favorite.

My purse consists of a few major pieces that I can easily take from one bag to the next without having to deal with a ton of stuff. I always have my giant wallet from Hobo. It’s seriously the greatest wallet and works double duty as a clutch in a pinch. At least one pair of sunglasses (but honestly there’s usually two in my bag) my Swell bottle, a cute notebook for ideas and my cosmetic bag. I pack this baby up with the essentials like a nail file for broken nails on the go, my Vaseline Lip Therapy Tin, lipstick, tissues and hand sanitizer. There’s always hair ties, bobby pins and the like tossed in there too for good measure. 



Photos by JNelly

This post was written in collaboration with Vaseline. All opinions and views are my own.


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