Three Ways To Remember Your Vitamins

I have to say that January was a complete wash for me. I read that for most of the month, Mercury was in retrograde, oh and I noticed. That to me explains why all my resolutions, goals and new year aspirations fell to the wayside quickly and for far too long. I felt lazy, unmotivated and didn’t want to socialize much. February though has been better in terms of sticking to healthier habits (hello cooking more!) and finally nailing down some blog goals (a style guide and e-book are on the horizon folks!)

For many of us, healthy eating and habits are usually one of our main resolutions to start the year off with. Although I try to be healthy as often as possible, it’s easy to get distracted or busy with life and make a few poor food choices here and there. One of the things I’ve been doing everyday to make sure I’m staying healthy is taking my vitamins! Because who knows where the day may take me that I may forget to eat that healthy salad, or incorporate fruits into my day. So to ensure I’m getting all the vitamins and minerals my body needs, I’m looking to a new way to take my vitamins. With the help of Olly, I’ve been able to take my vitamins easily since they’re chewy gummies and don’t require you to take them with food. Here are three easy ways to always remember to take your vitamins. Launch the slideshow to see three easy ideas to making sure you take your vitamins!

The Olly Super Foods vitamin is great to ensure I’m getting all my daily needs of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants equivalent to a whole serving of fruits and veggies. Plus, they do not use any artificial colors or flavoring, which I love. You can check out Olly online for their complete line of vitamins and wellness boosters and also buy them now at Target (my favorite place on Earth). I  may be adding the Sleep Vitamin to my travel bag to ensure I get the best sleep while on the road.  You can get 20% off your first order (and free shipping on orders over $50) with code SUPER20 which ends on March 30th!


Another great place to stash your vitamins to make sure you take them, is at your desk. A place that many of us sit at every single day, it’s a great spot to stash these guys. Plus the colorful container makes these sort of cute for sitting out. You won’t miss them for sure!


Or if you like a night time routine, leave these by your bedside to pop in your mouth before hitting the hay.  They also have a ‘Restful Sleep’ supplement if you need help with sleepy time.   It contains melatonin and other nutrients for a great night sleep. 

MORNING ROUTINEFor me, I like to take my vitamins in the morning right after I eat breakfast.  Even though you can take these on an empty stomach without a problem, I never skip breakfast. So this is a  routine I’ve easily adopted. I keep them in my pantry that my hands are always getting into so that I don’t ever forget.


 This post was brought to you by Olly. All opinions and views are my own. 

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    What a great post! I love the images…and that vitamin container is so cute! I always take mine at night before I brush my teeth. I swear if I have to remember do to one more thing during the day i’d totally forget! 🙂 HOpe you have a lovely day! xo



      Isn’t it cute!?

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