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White nails aren't just for spring and summer

white nail polish ideas - @mystylevita

I think it was over the summer that I discovered the amazingness of white nail polish. I am usually one who wears blacks, dark burgundy’s (Lincoln Park After Dark anyone?) and sometimes red. I rarely venture away from these three colors. But white, when done well, can be so crisp and fresh. I personally love the idea of a little angled action (bottom left) or the half moon (can someone please show me how to do this at home?!). With nail wraps becoming so popular, you can accomplish some of these looks easily like this pretty white stripe. Lay it over black for a little contrast. Or over a nude nail for something a little more subtle. So for now, I’m going to start practicing the half moon and half painted nail and report back with hopefully a tutorial. But until then, learn how to paint your nails at home like a champ with my tutorial here.



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