A New York Holiday

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I know this post is long overdue, but that’s how my 2016 has been so far. Little bit of a slow start to be honest so far. However, I feel like this week I’m finally getting my shit together. So here’s a few snaps from my family trip to New York City to visit relatives and do a little sight seeing. I dragged everyone to the top of the Rock because I’ve been dying to go and it was totally worth it. The views were incredible!

As kids we went to the city a bit whenever we were visiting family in NY.  We were in Montreal as kids, so the 6 hour drive to see family was no big deal. Little harder now that everyone works and flights are involved but it was nice to be able to get some time to see everyone.

I have vivid memories of seeing The Rockettes and skating at Rockefeller Center as a kid.  These giant red ornaments are also something I remember from being a kid.  20 years ago my sister and I smiled for a pic right in front of them and we had this crazy idea to see if the ornaments were still there all these years later, and they were! So a side by side comparison was required of course. Pretty funny, right?

side by side

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