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cmeo Printed Pieces for Fall

I was recently just browsing the internet per my usual routine and ended up discovering this amazing shopping site called BNKR. I love stumbling onto new sites as I find myself always shopping at the same old stores (hello Nordstrom….). This site is full of Australian brands which seem to always be on the cutting edge of fashion and creativity. I became particularly obsessed with C/MEO Collective while browsing and loved all the great prints and pieces in the collection. This black and white print is kind of amaze-balls but I’m torn, skirt or culottes? I know I know, I’ve hated on culottes as my 12 year old self had two pairs of gauchos that I lived in and can’t fathom putting another pair on again. But I kind of dig it, no? 

A few other things I’m obsessing over is this bright fun top and also this seriously ridiculously badass dress that I have to have. I shared it on my Facebook page earlier this week and I just keep coming back to it….

PS Culottes are officially en route to my house from not one, but two brands. Let’s see if I can revive them again.




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