As Of Late No. 4

Bliss Beauty products  via @Mystylevita

{Bliss face wash & oxygen mask}

Over the weekend my sister and I sat on my bedroom floor and sorted through EVERY drawer in my vanity. From every lipstick, mascara, liner and blush, we tried them all, sorted, organized and purged. A few things that made the cut were these new Bliss skincare products. I didn’t realize they had such an extensive line.  I thought they only carried lotions and body washes. I’ve begun using this foam face wash in the shower every day and am loving it. I also just tried their micromagic microdermabrasion treatment (it’s basically a great exfoliating scrub) and all seriousness, my skin has NEVER felt softer. It was as if I left a facial. Can’t wait to see what this does to my skin in the long run as it’s something you should only use once or twice a week and I’ve just added it to my routine.

blue and grey color palette via @mystylevita

Finally have picked out some great colors and fabrics for the bedroom makeover thanks to my appointment with Homepolish last week. The hardest thing is figuring out which duvet set I want. The hunt is officially on! I’m also narrowing down my end table lamps. I’m torn between this sconce, or this lamp or this one. Help!

cosmedix skin care products via @mystylevita

After a great face cleansing, you obviously need a great moisturizer. My Burts Bees not only ran out, but I thought it was time to upgrade to something a little more grown up that had a few extra promises. Also it DIDNT have SPF. I’m now using this Cosmedix moisturizer.  When I remember, I try to put this blue iridescent opti crystal eye serum on before bed. It’s BLUE people and reminds me of those metallic stickers when we were kids.

dolce and gabbana makeup via @mystylevita

{BaubleBar Necklace c/o | D&G Lipstick & Nailpolish}

My favorite, favorite, favorite lipstick that of course survived the beauty purge of 2015 this weekend, is my D&G FIRE lipstick (exhibit A, B and C to show you my true dedication to this color). They now have all their favorite reds in a new matte collection. So that’s double the fun for me!

Atlanta sky view via @mystylevita [My Style Vita] While shooting the other day for the blog, the SkyView was just a block away and I couldn’t resist snapping a pic.

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  1. Michael Thomas

    Excited to see the results. I’m really loving everything Cedar & Moss as of late. Their collaboration with Rejuvanation is so good as well. Maybe consider this option ( I feel like you sort of get the best of both worlds (wall scone & table lamp) with that option. If your considering doing a scones, give C&M a peek! I have a few of their fixtures & could not be happier!


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