Blogger Q&A Vol. 13 | Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning tips for your blog, how to update your blog for spring via @mystylevita

Just like my shoes (or coffee drink) things change in the spring time. It’s time for getting rid of the old sweaters you never wore, bringing out the espadrilles and getting ready for a new season. The same goes for your blog and I know this first hand since I haven’t updated my About page in AGES.  This made me realize how important doing a little blog spring cleaning was. Today I’m sharing my tips for cleaning up your site, social platforms and pitches for the new season.

  1. Profile Photos – Head to each of your social platforms and update them with a new photo. Something more recent, brighter and lighter for spring. 
  2. About Page – I’m 100% guilty of letting this one go for way too long. Your about page is usually the first page a brand will go to to get to know you. Make sure not only the photo is up to date but also adjust any content in that page. My about page was still referring to my outfits as my “Outfit du Jours” something I haven’t referenced in at least two years. Update with great photos, content and any new accomplishments. Check any and all other pages like your contact page, services page etc. You’ll want to make sure you’re creating a consistent voice across all of these.
  3. Social Platforms – You may have updated your profile picture, but did you update your description? Do that, now.
  4. Adjust Your Pitch – It may be spring, almost summer, for your normal friends, but as a blogger you need to be ahead of the game with your content.  Start changing up your pitch for the season and any upcoming holidays you want to cover. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and even thinking about pre-fall should be on your mind. Get in front of brands and on their radar so when they’re ready to pitch new line launches for fall you’re on their mind.
  5. Your Media Kit – This should really be adjusted every month to include any changes in your following, traffic or press. But if you include photos in your media kit (mine does, insert emoji with hand waving) replace these with some fresh ones! (p.s, how to make a media kit)
  6. Popular Posts – I like to go through some of my more popular posts to make sure everything looks right. I like to review the top ones from the last quarter to make sure affiliate links are working and update any out of stock items or broken links with new product that’s similar.
  7. Pinterest – If you were a blogger last summer, you better be pinning all those great spring and summer posts to generate some traffic. Pinterest is image driven and spring and summer looks are trending right now. So are backyard BBQs, pasta salad recipes and more, but you get the idea. Pin to the season and remember that those images/posts may be from a year ago but they are pin-gold right now.
  8. Re-Connect – It’s easy to get into a routine of following the same people, working with the same brands and so on, but I like to follow some new people every so often to get inspired and hey sometimes they’ll follow you back too! It’s nice to see some fresh faces in your newsfeed to switch things up a bit.
  9. Update – To ensure a smooth running site, make sure all your widgets are updated and working properly. Plus, if you need some new widgets, here are a few of my favorites.
  10. Organize – This relates to just about everything when it comes to spring cleaning, but when it comes to your blog, organize those categories. You can easily organize your posts in bulk on WordPress and this helps to ensure the right posts are showing up at the right time when readers are selecting “outfits” or “recipe”. 

*P.S. Shopbop is having a huge sale today. Don’t miss it!


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    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

    Love this post, I definitely need to do some updated to old posts and such…ugh!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl


    This is such a great post! I have done a few tweaks but haven’t even thought of half of these! Thanks 🙂

    Sugar & Something


    Love this!! So helpful 🙂

    xo, Katy


    Love this post – definitely bookmarking it so I can always keep it in mind!

    Pink Champagne Problems


    Definitely some helpful tips! Thanks for posting!



    Great tips! Certainly lots of things I hadn’t thought about like pinning last summer and spring looks from the blog.
    Dresses & Denim

    The Kentucky Gent

    Girl – me too. I needed to update my “About Me”, and didn’t realize it until I started to get a lot of traffic to it and read it. Then I was like “OMG, so embarrassing.”

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent


    This is promptly being pinned – all such great things to keep in mind! Especially the profile picture – I’m guilty of holding on to one I love for way too long.

    Warm Regards,


    Love this post! It’s full of so many things that I need to be utilizing, and doing right now! … why have I never thought to repin old posts?!



    I love your blogger Q & A series! They are so helpful! We get so caught up in making a new post on the blog or putting out a great IG picture that its easy to forget to spruce up the blog essentials.


    Such great tips! xo

    Evolution of Glam


    Thanks for sharing, these are great tips! I really need to update my About Me page. Keep up the blogging tips posts, they’re so helpful 🙂



      So glad you find them helpful. If you have a specific question let me know so I can get it answered!

    Taylor- Lights Camera Catwalk

    Hi Jess!

    I’m going through checking each of these great tips off my list – and I was wondering.. How do you judge which posts are your popular ones that you go in and triple check?

    Xx Taylor

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