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 floral arrangement via @mystylevita floral arrangement via @mystylevita Dwell Studio faceted vase with flowers - My Style VitaDwell Studio faceted vase with flowers - My Style Vita

Retrograde Vase c/o | DwellStudio Faceted White Vase c/o

It’s no secret that I love fresh flowers. And after doing some floral arranging a couple weeks ago, I realized I was in need of new vases. All of mine are glass which is kind of boring. I do have that great gold one, but it’s nice to have some variation. I also love all things white and modern so when Lulu & Georgia asked me to fill my favorite vase with flowers, I definitely did without hesitation.  And you can grab these vases or anything on their site right now, for 20% off with code stylevita20.

I picked up these beautiful violet flowers (I think they’re snapdragons but the name wasn’t listed and I’m clueless) and loosely filled this large white faceted vase with them. I also added one cute single flower to the tiny version of it.  Simple, affordable and a great way to make your home feel spring ready.

Sadly these were tossed out after three days, turns out I’m highly allergic to this flower and I’ll be sticking to tulips only from now on. Insert sad, congested, face.

This post was written in collaboration with Lulu & Georgia.

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