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corso coffee cappuccino via @mystylevita corso coffee shop ::: @mystylevitacorso coffee shop :: @mystylevitaCorso Coffee via @mystylevita corso coffee shop :: via @mystylevita

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After going to Europe last year, I haven’t been able to find a croissant that compared here in the states. Until I went to Corso Coffee that is. They just opened up here at Buckhead Shops and the moment I stepped in the door I instantly felt like I was thrown back to the quaint coffee shops in Italy. Between the perfect croissant, the delicious (and gorgeous) cappuccino and the ambiance to boot, this place will be my new coffee shop go to.   Not in the mood for coffee? Don’t worry, this is a true Italian cafe and they offer paninis, salads and booze. Yes, booze.  Next coffee is getting a shot of Bailey’s in it, because how else should you start your day?



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