Sleeveless Trench coat and jeans via @mystylevita

JOA Sleeveless Trench via NastyGal | Alternative Apparel Tee | American Eagle Jeans | Trouve Heels | Ray-Bans | Dolce & Gabanna Lipstick in Dahlia | Trust Fund Beauty Nailpolish in “Just Talk To My Lawyer”

Sleeveless Trench coat and jeans via @mystylevitaSleeveless Trench coat and jeans via @mystylevitaSleeveless Trench and jeans 4Sleeveless Trench and jeans 5Sleeveless Trench coat and jeans via @mystylevita burgundy nail polish

JOA Sleeveless Trench via NastyGal | Alternative Apparel Tee | American Eagle Jeans | Trouve Heels Ray-Bans | Dolce & Gabanna Lipstick in Dahlia | Trust Fund Beauty Nailpolish in “Just Talk To My Lawyer”

Little fun fact about me, I’m hot blooded big time. I went to go shopping for sweaters the other day and was dripping in sweat instantly. I think it has something to do with my Italian background and also the fact I spent my childhood in Montreal. Maybe the cold winters forced my growing body to adapt accordingly because I’m the only one in the family like this. I think the perfect accompaniment to my temperature issues is this sleeveless peacoat. Or whatever the hell it is. I just know the lack of sleeves is exactly what this hot blooded girl needs for Southern winters. It’s just perfect for those in-between days when it’s not freezing cold, but not quite warm enough to go without a jacket.

But yes, I still ripped it off within seconds of being inside a store or the office because I began to sweat. Go figure.



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