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I made my Summer checklist back when pool days were often, and beach trips were on my mind. I sadly didn’t accomplish much if any of that to do list mostly because this Summer became consumed by a bathroom nightmare, living in a hotel (although the hotel pool was pretty awesome) and way too much traveling for work. This season I’m making myself a promise that I check off at least 3 of these things on my to do list. 


1. Go apple picking like we did when we were kids. So many childhood memories doing this with my family.

2. Head to a pumpkin patch, mostly for a great photo opp!

3. Make pumpkin anything, pie, bread, cupcakes, you name it I’m going to bake it this season. Especially this pumpkin spiced bundt cake from last year.

4. Embrace Halloween. I’m one who avoids it entirely and usually sits at home and in bed early to keep from dressing up and being a part of ridiculous shenanigans.

5. Host my friends for dinner. I haven’t been cooking AT ALL especially with all the distractions lately. Having everyone over to eat a hearty home cooked meal is exactly what this season calls for.


PS Don’t forget to visit me tonight at GAP Lenox Square from 6-8 pm. Details here.


4 Comments | September 10, 2014

4 thoughts on “Fall Checklist

  1. Ruthie & Rose

    Perfectly attainable fall checklist, Jessica! We especially love the “make pumpkin anything” line item, and plan on doing the same thing! Can’t wait to see what you cook up this fall. XO


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