Happy 3 Years | Making The Switch

That’s right folks, selfies in my old job’s bathroom. However, if it weren’t for that entire situation, this blog, my day job and my psychotic drive wouldn’t be what it is today (shit happens for a reason right?)  So here’s to three years. Three very crazy, very fun, years.
And a little public service announcement…
For the last few months I’ve been working with a fabulous blogger and web designer, Whitney of Heart & Arrow Design. to create a new blog design.  Since My Style Vita just turned three (and sadly no fun post for it, I’ll just drink champagne tonight to celebrate) it was time for a new look and feel. Plus,  I wanted a more easier layout that’s enjoyable for the readers (thats you my friend).

In order to make the new site uh-mazing, I’ll be switching over to scary land, also known as, WordPress.  Southern Blog Society is on that platform, but luckily Poor Little It Girl manages all the post surf since she knows it so I don’t have to. So I’ve got a few things to learn over here for sure. But this also means, any of you who are following me via GFC (which doesn’t even exist anymore but does?) won’t see me pop up anymore. Let’s make sure you don’t miss a THING and follow along on Bloglovin and other social sites, to make sure we don’t lose touch. Because, hey, you were my FIRST followers and I don’t want you going anywhere! Seeing that number increase on the sidebar was what kept me going. The excitement of seeing people interested in what I had to say or wear was always such a joy as the blogger on this end. 
Hoping to launch the new digs soon, so stay tuned!

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