Cronut Virgins

Some of you may have heard of this fabulous creation, but some of you may be living under a rock and not know of the cronut phenomenon. Let me tell you a little story…
Several months ago in early May a genius pastry chef, Dominque Ansel, created the most glorious recipe for the cronut (it’s even a trademarked name, now that’s a smart man). Bakeries and donut shops everywhere are trying to recreate this masterpiece. One place who has pretty much nailed it as far as I’m concerned is Revolution Doughnuts. I can’t speak about how close it is to the real deal since I refuse to order one and have it shipped…. Shocking I know.
In order to embark on this cronut journey I had to call on my two favorite foodie bitches (and bloggers) Tia of The Fashion Lush and Ashley of Witty + Pretty.  We decided to drag ourselves out to Revolution Doughnuts (for me, it was after a night of too many tequila shots so I was in desperate need of deep friend goodness) and in only our finest duds. Sequins, leather and mini skirts. When we got to the front of the counter, we realized we couldn’t JUST order the cro-doughs (because well, Chef Dominique owns that whole cronut word so that’s what they are technically called here) so we also picked up a Fruity Pebble, pumpkin pie and coconut donut (which I think was the winner across the board).  If you do the math, you are correct, we ate not one but two delicious treats each to our faces that morning. A serious sugar coma ensued and we went straight home to bed.
Here’s an insider tip though folks, these are only made on Fridays and Saturdays. And if you ask me, Friday is the day to go. Saturday is full of lazy hung over people like myself, where Friday isn’t. So you’re more likely to snag one of these bad boys up then.
Here’s just a few (okay a lot) of pics from our adventure. All photos by Dylan York.






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    Mara Maddox

    Hilarious… and appropriately stylish and comfortable. Next post you must do what your in-house couch loungewear is (or how to look cute and comfy in elastic)! I’m sure a lil Alternative will be in order. Happy Friday!

    Simply Sabrina

    I’ve never had a cronut but you are seriously making me want to try one! You gals look great, I remember seeing instagram pictures of this day and was super jealous 🙂

    I’m tagging a few bloggers to join in my Winter Wishlist tag, (especially my favorites in the SBS) would love for you to join Jessica!

    Just create your own list and mention that you are a part of the #SimplyWinterWishlist and send me a link to your blog on Twitter (@SimplySabrina) i’ll retweet your post 🙂 More details are on my blog, hope you join!

    x. Sabrina | Simply Sabrina


    Ok first of all..these pictures are adorable! You guys look like you had such a great time, even if it was just eating cronuts. Second of all, how the heck have I not heard of these things!!? They look glorius…I must do some hunting around my area and find a shop that serves cronuts!

    Great blog by the way 😉


    Ashley Gillespie

    yuuummmm!!! You all look fabulous devouring your cro-doughs!


    What a fun way to get some other bloggers together and shoot a stylish spread at the same time! I’ve yet to try a cronut, but there’s a killer donut place right near where I work that has all sorts of artisanal mouthwatering flavors — who knew donuts had become stylish?!

    xo, Liz
    {What Dress Code?}

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