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BB Dakota Blouse (gifted) | James Jeans (gifted) | Sole Society Shoes (gifted) | Nordstrom Hat | Alternative Apparel Clutch | Forever 21 Ring | OPI Nail Polish in Lincoln Park After Midnight

Ah, the printed top. I’m so guilty of buying plain boring solid tops. But when this little babe arrived I was so thrilled. It’s everything you could want in a top. A fun Fall print, cold shoulder sleeve cutouts (is that even what they’re called?). Either way, I’m glad I’m changing up my usual boring solid shirts. This is going to be a fun one to wear for Fall.

So… I have a serious confession. I love this hat, but I have ZERO balls to wear it outside of taking an outfit post. I always add it to my outfit right before we take pictures because it’s so damn cute. However, I just can’t seem to find the courage to wear it outside of the blogging world. This usually isn’t the case with what I wear.

I wear everything on my blog either that day when I’ve shot it, or previously and then brought it back out when Beka and I shoot (tricks to being a blogger, fun right?) But I’m determined to own this hat, as in rock it and own it. I obviously own it, I have the receipt for it. Let’s make one thing clear, I did not steal this hat.


11 Comments | September 11, 2013

11 thoughts on “BB Dakota Fall Essentials | Printed Blouse

  1. Jennifer of JennySue Makeup

    you’re too hilarious. why don’t you just let me borrow that hat bc i would wear it EVERY DAY!! then when you “get the balls to wear it” i will give it back to you:) seriously, it looks amazing on you and i’m glad to hear you’re not a thief…

    hugs, Jennifer


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