Mixing It Up

You may recall this dress from this post about holiday party dresses and getting into the holiday spirit. Well let’s say that holiday party dress just sits in your closet until next year, now that’s not very spirited if you ask me.  I like to turn shit into new shit. It’s kind of a fun challenge.  Dress, meet casual tee and a denim jacket.  My two go to’s for making things casual. 
Take your favorite party dress and dress it down and see how many fun looks you can get out of it.  You’d be surprised how far you can stretch your closet with just a bit of imagination.  And why yes, that’s a Jager bottle in the shot. I’m more of a Don Julio kind of girl… Just sayin.
casual-11 casual-12 casual-5 casual-7 casual-8 casual-9 casual1 casual4casual-6
 A little blooper shot. This guy  just had to introduce himself to me. Such a gentleman….
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8 thoughts on “Mixing It Up

  1. Jessica Camerata

    Hi Jessica – love the layered look of this outfit and the shoes! I have been looking for a pair of heels with a delicate strap around the ankle.  Had a great time at the event last night and hope that there are many more to come!



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