I’m Into You… Right Now

No I’m not into you, you creepo. You’re just as bad as the creep who’s googling “high heels, bare legs” and landing on my blog. Creep….

I got inspired last week when my all time favorite food blogger, PaleOMG, listed the 10 things she’s into. Since 3 of my 10 things would be, work, work, work, I opted to cut it down to 5.  And yes, I’m actually into my work.  I spare you the boring-ness of my life, you’re welcome.  And yes that’s a word, I just made it.

1.  Siracha.  I’m a little late in the game here with this one. Everyone seems to love it, there’s even a poster all about Siracha in my gym. But I just discovered it. And it’s quite lovely.

2.   My new Urban Outfitter shoes. They are comfy, adorable and were under $60.  They seem to go with everything. I wanted to wear flats the other day and somehow found myself in my Urban heels.  I’m telling you, my body rejects flats.
3. Up All Night.  If you don’t watch this show, start watching. It’s genius.
4. Tutus. The phrase “I wish I had a tutu” has come out of my mouth more times than you can imagine. I would really like a nice tutu that can be worn out in public with a fun relaxed tee and some killer heels. But instead my awesome sister bought me a fun halloween one that I proudly wore at the gym.  Call me crazy, but wearing a tutu while doing pull ups and squat cleans makes you feel like a bad ass. AND I got my PR on my squat clean, 105# baby.  
5.  Skirts.  Short skirts preferably.  I love a good tweed or wool skirt in the Fall. And since you can rewear them with tights or boots or bare legs, you can wear them often and play around with them.  I recently fell in love with this skirt from Club Monaco. She’s my new favorite.
What are you into right now?

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