Fall Make-Up

Few things I swear by in life. Bloody Mary’s at brunch, tutu’s at CrossFit (life changing, really) and these make-up tips and tricks.

1.  My BobbiBrown pot rouge is becoming my favorite thing in my purse these days next to my iPhone.  It’s great to add to your lips or your cheeks for a little afternoon pick me up.

2.  They’re Real mascara by Benefit makes your lashes AMAZING. I also have a huge problem always forgetting to take off my make up before I go to bed (yes even with those wipes at my bedside, I’m still that lazy sometimes) and this is the first mascara that doesn’t leave my eyes miserable the next morning. Sleep in it, who cares, you’ll look better than everyone else on the morning walk with the dog.

3.  Benefit’s Hello Flawless is the first foundation that doesn’t make me break out like a 14 year old heading to her first homecoming.  Light enough to not look heavy, but when applied with the Beauty Blender, I don’t even need concealer.

4. Beauty Blender. Get one. It’s the shit. It’ll change your life.  This thing is like magic. It takes regular ol foundation and makes it look airbrushed and perfect on your skin.  Its the greatest thing I ever bought for my make up bag. Buy one.  Thank me later. You’re welcome.

5. Trade in your pinks and corals for deep red hues like this Rimmel London lipstick.  Olive skin tone? Go with something with a bluish hue to it.  Fair skinned, opt for a more pink version.

6. Bare Minerals bronzer is the best way to look more alive in the winter. I no longer have a tan, but this makes me look like I’m not sick.

7.  I keep these Neutrogena make up wipes at my bedside for when I forget to wash my face. Or if I’m too drunk to bother.  It’s way easier to wipe your face while laying in bed and toss the wipe in the garbage all while staying in the comfort of your pj’s and blankets.  It’s quite nice.

What make-up do you swear by?

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    Jessica Camerata

    I’ve been curious about the Hello Flawless makeup by Benefit.  I tried some on last time I was at Ulta, and I agree it went on perfectly and looked great.  I’m hesitant to sway from my trusty Mac Studio Fix since we just got back together, but I’m all about an airbrushed, flawless face.  My only question is do you use this along with the Hello Flawless powder, or is the powder a foundation-powder like Studio Fix?

    Jessica Camerata

     I am still making my way through my MAC powder, not sure what it’s called, just a basic pressed powder to set it. I am going to switch everything over to Benefit though. The quality is awesome and the packaging is just too damn cute.  I highly recommend the Hello Flawless and I wouldn’t apply it without my beauty blender.  Toss anything else you’re using to apply foundation.

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