Highs and Lows

There’s always a high and a low to your day.  Today’s high was finding this sweet new spot for photos and an awesome little mexican joint 5 minutes from my office.  The low of the day….. hmmm can’t think of one.  I guess that’s a good problem to have.  
And if you haven’t noticed, I officially live in these shoes. I eat sleep and breath these shoes. Seriously. I wore them to bed last night to make sure I wore them in today’s outfit du jour.  Call me crazy, or call me a dedicated fashionista.  I’m going with crazy….
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Dress Alternative similar
Jacket & Shoes American Eagle
Pig Necklace Madewell
Sunnies Karen Walker

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3 thoughts on “Highs and Lows

  1. Jessica Camerata

    Hey for $28 you’d be crazy not to buy them. they are the Sam Edelman for AE. Super cute and comfy too. That’s pretty much why they haven’t left my feet since they arrived in the mail!


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