Floppy Hat


Something about a big floppy hat makes me so happy inside.  Maybe it’s the idea that I should probably be on a fancy white sand beach wearing it, but instead I’m at a damn goat farm with chickens running around in the middle of downtown Atlanta. Totally normal right? The Goat Farm is actually a really neat spot in the city and is full of not only farm animals, but creative people who use this space for photoshoots and office space. It’s a very unique little spot in the city.


And if you haven’t noticed, this sweater and my express shorts are my favorite combination.  When you have them in every color it allows you to not repeat the same EXACT look.  But none the less, see this pretty much exact look here, here and of course here again.




Photography by Sarah K Osbourne

2 Comments | July 24, 2012

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