Popsicles and Childhood Memories

While waiting for a table at my favorite brunch spot at West Egg a few Sunday’s ago, the ice cream man drove by and a swoon of childhood memories came back to me.  One in particular, me chasing down a knife sharpening truck that looked, sounded and was shamelessly a replica of an ice cream truck all for a disappointment that this truck did not in fact serve ice cream. None the less, popsicles are a favorite frozen treat of mine and now that I can appreciate more sophisticated flavors, I can pretend they are an adult food.
I found some amazing and easy recipes that I’m dying to try.  And I won’t be needing a fancy popsicle machine.  Loaf pans apparently are the perfect popsicle maker.  Genius!
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1 Comment | April 25, 2012

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