New Sleepwear

New Sleepwear To Buy
New Sleepwear To Buy
New Sleepwear To Buy
New Sleepwear To Buy

Ever been to the sleepwear department at Macy’s and you find yourself in hot pink jammies with lollipops all over it?  Or better yet an ill fitting wannabe nightie that is covered in lace and crappy imitation silk?  Well I’ve been on a mission to find some reasonably priced, comfortable, form fitting, everyday sleepwear.  And you know what, it doesn’t exist.  Victoria’s Secret claims to have it, they don’t, it’s also covered in red lips and has VS all over it.  I started to think I should start my own sleepwear line, and then I realized I can’t draw or sew.  Thankfully Express designers are mind readers.  And yesterday I find to my surprise, sleepwear available in the stores.  I know it’s new, because I was there on Saturday, and it showed up on Monday when I went back for no good reason….

That’s a whole other issue I’m working on, back to the sleepwear.  With tanks and matching shorts, nighties that aren’t baggy, and pants that are soft and comfy, you’ll be sure to find something you’ll love to sleep or nap in.  (Big fan of naps).  

Check out Express for more sleepwear and intimates options that are now available!
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    haha is it terrible that I am reading this post in pajamas with ice cream cones on them? I desperately need these cute pj’s hahaha!


    I am sooo not cute when I sleep. Baggy clothes and unflattering cuts. That’s how I roll. Hehe.


    I’m just as guilty! I wear big baggy tee’s and comfy pants that look like they are for a 15 year old. Ill be stocking up on these more grown up looks.

    Dallas Shaw

    cute sleep shorts

    Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful}

    What??? I was just at my Express yesterday and I didn’t see anything! No fair! (c: Thank goodness for online shopping, eh? I’m totally going to be stocking up on these goodies…

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