Food Truck Thursdays with Yumbii

Can you leave your desk a few minutes early for lunch? I suggest you do, and do it now.  I promise, it’ll be worth every bite.

Waiting for an hour in the Atlanta heat would only be worth it for one thing… a Korean taco fusion from Yumbii.  Yes, I could just go to Hankook and pick one up after work, but who really wants to go through all that trouble of driving, parking and sitting inside an air conditioned room when you can just stop by the Midtown Food Truck Thursdays and wait in line with other taco addicts for what’s considered to be the best tacos in town.
Yumbii has put the other trucks to shame with its ridiculously long line that requires an executive lunch break to enjoy.  Fresh and made to order make these tacos worth every minute (or hour) of the wait.
The combination of Korean and southern style gets rolled into each one of their tacos.  The local favorite is the spicy pulled pork taco topped with a fresh sesame salad.  The crisp lettuce compliments the mouth watering tender pork.  A close second are the crispy fish tacos.  And for you vegetarians, tofu creations are as popular to us carnivores as the meat filled tacos. 
Grab a taco, watch the other addicts wait in line while sweating in the heat, and enjoy… enjoy quickly though, your lunch hour is probably up by now.

Yumbii Food Truck on Urbanspoon

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    little petite

    I awoke this morning craving all the tasty food trucks! Check out this app:TruxMap, it shows you which trucks are in your area. Hoping I can find a variety of trucks for lunch today!

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